speed bumps

Slow Traffic, Improve Road Safety

The Ramp People provide a wide selection of traffic calming devices which improve road safety for vehicles and pedestrians alike. The Ramp People provide a range of fixed and temporary speed bumps designed to slow traffic to 5mph and 10mph.

Flow Plates are a perfect way to encourage a one way flow of traffic, for example around car parks. The Ramp People of course also provide signs to ensure drivers are alerted of the upcoming speed bumps.

Heavy Duty Speed Bumps

Our top selling speed bumps are our 10mph Heavy Duty Speed Bumps. These are perfect for use at commercial sites, including industrial estates and car parks as they are suitable for HGV's as well as cars. The steel plate inside the speed bump allows the ramps to hold a capacity of circa 60,000kg.

All of our fixed speed bumps are provided with fixings for tarmac and concrete, along with a drill bit free of charge. They are simple to secure to the ground, any builder or confident DIY'er can undertake the task. If you are unsure, view The Ramp People's handy Speed Bump Installation Guide.

Speed Cushions

The Ramp People's Speed Cushions are available in red or black and have a 20,000kg capacity. The Speed Cushions are perfect for schools and residential areas. Due to their format (2m x 1.8m), they allow emergency vehicles to easily pass over them and slow traffic to 6mph. Like with our speed bumps, they are provided with fixings for tarmac and concrete.

Portable Speed bumps

Portable speed bumps are a perfect solution if you only require the speed bump on a temporary basis, for example during events. Simply put in place when needed and roll up after use for easy storage.


Our Heavy Duty Cable Protectors can also be used as a temporary speed bump, simply place down and reduce traffic to 5mph. These are interlocking to allow you to create any length. It also means you can safely pass cables across the road making them perfect for events.

Flow Plates

If you are looking to control the flow of traffic, for example in a car park, Flow Plates are a great solution. Heavy duty options are available, along with Flow Plates with sharks teeth to enforce one way traffic control. These are provided with fixings for concrete, tarmac fixings are available at an additional charge.

Speed Bump Signs

If you have Speed Bumps, Sleeping Policeman or Speed Cushions in place, it is essential you alert road users and pedestrians of their presence. The Ramp People stock a range of CE-marked road signs which of course comply with BS EN regulations. They are highly visible and include reflective sheeting. The signs are available as post mounted kits or sign mounted kits to meet your requirements.