Economy Wheelchair Ramps

Here at The Ramp People we sell a great selection of economy wheelchair ramps, suitable for all your needs around the home and outside. read more

All manufacturing processes are carried out using the very best materials and equipment. For easily portable wheelchair ramps you can choose between folding or multi-fold wheelchair ramps for sale right here online, we also have a wheelchair ramp calculator to determine the exact lengths you need.

The non-slip surface on all of our wheelchair ramps is glued onto the metal ramp. Therefore these ramps are not suitable to be kept outside and exposed to weather.

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  1. Wheelchair Ramps Folding

    Wheelchair Ramps Folding

    In Stock
    €83.64 €68.00
  2. Telescopic Economy Channel Ramps 4ft - 7ft long

    Telescopic Economy Channel Ramps 4ft - 7ft long

    In Stock
    €92.25 €75.00
  3. Wheelchair Ramps Folding Extra Wide

    Wheelchair Ramps Folding Extra Wide

    In Stock
    €98.40 €80.00
  4. Wheelchair Ramps Multi-fold

    Wheelchair Ramps Multi-fold

    In Stock
    €125.46 €102.00
  5. Economy Crossfold Wheelchair Ramp

    Economy Crossfold Wheelchair Ramp

    In Stock
    €307.50 €250.00

5 Items

The Ramp People's folding and non-folding wheelchair ramps are among the UK's best selling wheelchair ramps and are used extensively by the NHS, nursing homes and other industries.

We manufacture several different types of economy wheelchair ramps: Folding Wheelchair Ramps and Multi-Fold Wheelchair Ramps

Please also have a look at our Premium Wheelchair Ramps.

Our entire range of disabled ramps are available VAT free for eligible individuals or charities. 

If you think our wheelchair ramps displayed are not suited to your requirements please do not hesitate to contact our team. We build a lot of bespoke ramps to suit customers specific needs and we would be more than happy to discuss your requirements. 

The Ramp People are proud members of the BHTA and full subscribe to the BHTA Code of practice.


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