Corner Guards & Column Protection

Our range of corner guards are ideal for both private and commercial car parks and parking areas, they can be used to protect both vehicles and property. A combination of quality material and construction along with affordable prices make these pillar protectors an easy yet effective solution to car park safety concerns. read more

The benefits of corner protectors

Our car park post protectors are made with a high-quality finish and act as vital corner bumpers on columns and walls. They provide a range of benefits to contribute to car park safety, the most important being high visibility as a preventative solution. A bright yellow and black striped design helps to reduce the number of car park collisions by highlighting hazardous car park columns. Where collisions do occur, corner guards help to minimise the damage caused to vehicles and pillars, helping to save both time and money in repairs.

Our range of corner bumpers

You’ll find car park pillar protectors in a selection of shapes, including both square and rounded options as well as chevron wall protectors that fit flush to flat walls, suiting all requirements. All our column protectors are made from high-grade PVC and rubber designed to absorb, deflect and minimise the extent of wear, abrasion and impact. Ideal for use throughout commercial, industrial and private traffic and parking areas including doorways, opening entrances and loading bays.

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