Anti Fatigue Mats & Flooring Protection

At The Ramp People we have a wide selection of anti-fatigue mats in stock including, the very best workplace matting solutions from leading manufacturer Notrax®. With affordable prices plus bulk savings available, our anti-fatigue floor mats offer incredible value for money. Plus, all our stress mats are rigorously tested by Notrax® as well as the NSFI for guaranteed quality you can rely on.

Anti-fatigue mats availvale for all working areas. The complete guide to choosing anti-fatigue mats can be seen on our blog here

How do anti-fatigue mats work?

Made with innovative ergonomic materials, anti-fatigue flooring encourages natural movement and adjustment of the feet to stimulate the contraction and expansion of muscles in the legs, hips and lower back. Anti-fatigue mats in the workplace help to reduce injuries and absences caused by jobs that require extended periods of standing, helping protect your workforce.

In our huge range, you’ll also find workstation mats designed to protect against liquid spills, oils, chemicals, fire, electrostatic discharge and much more.

Anti-fatigue flooring for any work environment

Our selection of Notrax® anti-fatigue mats include a range of ergonomic, entrance, anti-fatigue and safety mats for industrial, commercial and food service environments. With such a wide choice of anti-fatigue matting available, you’ll find a safety mat perfect for any work environment, plus they’re easy to find with our handy mat icons and anti-fatigue mat finder. Ideal for a range of industries, our anti-fatigue floor mats can also be used in wet and dry areas.

Shop our selection of rubber anti-fatigue mats that are fire-resistant, anti-slip, shatter proof, cold insulators, electric insulators, oil and chemical resistant. Perfect for providing specialised protection and safety in any kind of work environment, choose your preferred workplace matting in a range of sizes including in-line or modular lengths of anti-fatigue mat rolls to suit any assembly line, walkway, individual workstation or custom layouts.


For further information for the Notrax® Mats or on how to select the correct mat please contact us.

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