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  1. Black rubber cable protector with cables

    Rubber Cable Cover 20mm & 38mm

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  2. Single channel cable cover

    30mm Cable Cover

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We provide a wide range of plastic cable covers and rubber cable floor covers to manage wires and small cables whether in the office or at home. Our plastic cable covers are useful across a range of industries for both indoor and outdoor environments. For a complete safety solution, our yellow high visibility plastic cable cover will suit industrial standards, while our black plastic wire hiders are an excellent solution for the office. 

Cable covers for safety

Our floor cable covers range goes beyond just keeping your electrical cables tidy. We stock brightly coloured, multi-joint plastic cable covers with a wide diameter of up to 12.7mm for the protection of your cables, without causing a trip hazard or obstruction to foot traffic. All our cable covers come with sloping edges so they blend into the floor with minimal disruption. All of our cable covers are provided with an anti-slip surface for additional safety. With no installation required, use plastic cable covers to secure your cables and leads.

Cable covers for higher capacity

For the perfect cover polyurethane heavy duty cable cover, our range comes with high resistance non-slip surfaces and an interlocking connector system so you can increase the length as needed. Simple to take apart and connect together, these plastic cable covers can be transported around any industrial or environmental site and set up with ease. Made out of durable polyurethane with a high capacity up to 5000kg. For heavier-duty solutions, view our range of heavy duty cable protectors

Rubber cable covers for flexibility

Rubber Cable Cover range will offer a quick and easy solution of cable management. It can protect small cables and cords in home, office, or warehouse and it can take up to 1500kg capacity

Extend to cover the length of cable you require 

Our floor cable covers are provided with an interlocking design to allow you to cover any length required. Supplied in 1m lightweight sections, simply purchase the number of cable protectors you require based on your cable length. Simply place the cable protectors on the ground and clip these together to safely cover your cables