Profile Height up to 75mm

Our vehicle and loading ramps between the heights 40mm and 75mm feature three different sizes: 40mm, 65mm and 75mm. read more

The TRP40 profile depth is 40mm and features a capacity of up to 2900kg with 3 different widths available: 315mm, 415mm or 615mm. These loading ramps are ideally suited for use as car ramps, lightweight vehicle ramps or motorcycle ramps. In particular these ramps are very useful as car ramps for customers having difficulty getting their low slung vehicle up their driveway.

The TRP65 core profile thickness is 65mm. Two widths are available: the 300mm and the extra wide 500mm. They feature a capacity of up to 2700kg and are ideal for use as car ramps or lightweight plant ramps.

The TRP74 and TRP76 Series core profile thickness is 75mm, available with a 300mm width. Offering a capacity of up to 3500kg with an extra support bar underneath to offer higher capacity and to keep a low-profile, ideal for cars, car transporters and trailers with a ramp-slot.

Not suitable for solid wheels found on road surfacing machines - for this type of machinery please see the industrial ramps for steel tracks.

Nylon grab handles are available to increase the safe manual handling of the heavy duty ramps, please  contact us for a custom quote