Expandable Safety Barriers

Our range of expandable barrier fences has been designed to suit a variety of environments and purposes. With a selection of sizes, colours and styles to choose from, you’re sure to find a plastic folding barrier to suit your needs. From secure water-filled collapsible fences to construction safety barriers with wheels that can be transported and set up anywhere. read more

Expandable safety barriers for any environment

Our concertina safety barriers are perfect for a range environments including warehouses and other industrial settings to section off hazard zones that can protect vehicles and workers alike. They can also be used in shops, restaurants and more with a range of lengths to suit any need. They can be used as portable crowd control barriers and pedestrian barrier gates to protect the public from slippery or dangerous areas.

Fold barriers designed with safety in mind

Our expandable barrier fences have been designed for the best in safety with bright eye-catching colours including yellow and black or red and white. This means they’re perfect for helping to improve safety at businesses, events and retail settings. As well as being safe, they are also easy to use. A lightweight yet stable construction is perfect for hazardous areas but are also to move and set up. Our portable barrier fencing with wheels is even easier to transport around and use in various locations.

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We offer a range of plastic barriers including wheels on base or water filled base barriers.

Ready assembled, lightweight and easy to use/ transport, the Expandable Barriers can create a safe environment for both workers and pedestrians by creating clearly marked areas. Barrier fencing is also available in various colours depending on your requirements.

Expandable Safety Barriers and Mobile Barricades are the perfect temporary barrier to use in warehouses, workships, shops and restaurants.  They are suitable for indoor use in retail shops, shopping centres, businesses, offices and public events, often used to assist in restricting access to dangerous and temporarily hazardous areas.

Whether they're being used to prevent slipping on a wet floor or temporarily keeping foot traffic from a specific area in a factory, our wide range of scissor barriers can get the job done.