Road Safety & Traffic Calming

Our selection of road safety equipment and traffic calming solutions have been designed to meet a wide range of needs, from helping to control traffic in residential areas to making car parks safer. Ideal for private roads, schools, offices and much more, you’ll find traffic calming options made from quality materials and built to offer the safest solution all for an affordable price. read more

Traffic calming measures

If you’re looking to calm and control traffic then you’ll find a wide range of speed bumps, speed cushions and flow plates. Our speed bump kits come in a range of heights to help slow cars and create a traffic calmed area. For schools, events and other situations where you may need to slow traffic during certain periods, our portable speed bumps are a great traffic calming solution. If you need to control the flow of traffic by letting cars in or out in one a direction then you’ll also find flow plate traffic calming devices that are easy to fit and set-up.

Car park and other road safety

As well as traffic calming measures you’ll find a range of car park safety solutions and road calming measures. This includes barrier fences, traffic cones and tench covers for road construction sites and other works projects to help protect pedestrians, drivers and workers. For car parks, our wheel stops and column protectors can help to keep busy parking areas including office car parks safer.

Traffic control

Flow Plates offer the perfect solution to providing one way traffic control. The highly visible road plates can be used alongside speed bumps to encourage traffic flow in one direction.