Checkers Wheel Chocks

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We stock a wide range of wheel chocks from leading manufacturer Checkers. Designed to rest against tires and grip the surface of a road, wheel chocks are an effective and easy way of preventing wheels, and therefore vehicles, from moving when parked. They are often essential to the safe parking, operation or loading of many vehicles including cars and industrial machinery.

Wheel chocks for any vehicle

At The Ramp People, you’ll find Checkers chocks suitable for all kinds of vehicles, from small cars to large vehicles. All of these wheel blocks are made from high quality and highly durable polyurethane. This robust material means the chocks are completely UV and weather resistant as well as resistant to moisture, salt plus oils and chemicals. Checkers wheel chocks are also easy to fit with eyebolt or mounting bolt for ropes and chains, all within a compact size designed to be easy to store and transport.

On a budget? Our affordable economy wheel chocks are made from highly durable PU with a tough non-slip surface.

General purpose wheel chocks

The Checkers general purpose chocks make the ideal car wheel chocks suitable for smaller vehicles. Available in high visibility orange, these wheel blocks rated for vehicles with a gross operating and mass gross vehicle operating weight up 111,130 kg (245,000 lbs.), and tire sizes up to (165.1 cm) 65 in. diameter.

Monster wheel chocks

Alternatively, for larger industrial applications the Checkers Monster wheel chocks are suitable for a wide range of heavier vehicles and come in high visibility yellow for added safety. These heavy-duty wheel chocks are especially ideal for ground vehicles and feature a large base including heavy equipment such as long-haul trucks, loaders and cranes.

You’ll find this range suitable for vehicles with a gross operating weight up to 1,600,000 lbs., and tire sizes up to 165 in. diameter. These wheel chocks are therefore perfect as HGV wheel chocks, truck wheel chocks and many more heavy-duty wheel chock needs.