Rubber Wedge Container & Warehouse Ramps

Give your industrial site increased access with our range of Rubber wedge container ramps here at The Ramp People. We understand the need to get around the warehouse or factory site with ease; that’s why we supply the ideal solution for your pallet truck, loading trollies and other small machinery vehicles up to 1000kg. read more

The ideal kerb ramp; The Ramp People rubber range comes a 1000kg capacity, with various heights from 8mm up to 178mm to fit to your doorways and steps. Made from recycled rubber our wedge container ramps are durable, long lasting and easy to maintain.  A simple solution for overcoming pavements and small obstacles – you can transport wheelbarrows, heavy equipment or even provide wheelchair access should you need it.

The perfect purchase for portable ramps, you can transport our rubber wedge container ramps to wherever you need them and move them from site to site.

  1. Side profile

    Rubber Kerb Ramp 100mm - 200mm

    From €38.00
    In Stock
  2. Rubber ramp with anti-slip surface

    Container Rubber Ramps from 4.5” to 7” High - 400mm wide

    From €60.50
    In Stock
  3. Rubber Threshold and Container Ramps up to 80mm high

    Rubber Threshold and Container Ramps up to 80mm high

    From €21.00
    In Stock
  4. Rubber threshold ramp

    Rubber Threshold Ramps up to 4in high

    From €49.00
    In Stock
  5. Black rubber kerb ramp

    Rubber Kerb Ramp 135mm

    From €41.00
    In Stock

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