Speed Bump Signs

Our speed bump warning signs are CE-marked and compliant, conforming to the rigorous standards set by the European Standards Organisation. The sign facings are made from engineer grade prismatic reflective sheeting which meets the performance requirements of BS EN 12899-1:2007 Class RA1. This sheeting material offers high colour contrasts for improved visibility and durabilityread more

High visibility speed hump signs

A caution speed bump sign is essential for any area using speed bumps as a traffic calming measure. A speed hump ahead sign indicates to drivers that they will need to slow their speed down. We even supply speed limit signs to specify a speed limit to drivers. Using a highly durable, highly reflective material ensures these speed bump road signs will stand the test of time and are visible to drivers. Simply mount with one of our speed bump sign posts. You’ll find traffic hump warning signs are vital in ensuring traffic calming areas remain safe and prevent potential accidents from speeding vehicles.

For a complete traffic calming solution, why not take a look at our range of speed bumps, speed cushions and flow plates.

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