Yard Ramps

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Our selection of CE marked mobile container yard ramps are the perfect solution for your industrial work environment and are available in capacities up to 15,000kg. The container loading ramps easily allow forklifts, scissor lifts and other machinery to gain access to the container in order to easily load and unload goods.  The ramp height can easily be adjusted to meet your height requirements using the hydraulic assist whilst the swivel fork mount allows you to easily manoeuvre the ramp with a forklift. 

SKU Capacity (kg) Height (mm) Internal Width (mm) Length (mm) Max Load Height (mm) Min. Load Height (mm) Weight (kg) Width (mm) Price
TRP-YR7-1-Config 7000 800-1650 2060 11260 1650 800 3400 2260 €16,670.00
TRP-YR7-2-Config 7000 800-1650 2260 11260 1650 3600 2460 €17,270.00
TRP-YR10-2-Config 10000 800-1650 2260 11260 1650 4050 2460 €18,430.00
TRP-YR10-1-Config 10000 800-1650 2060 11260 1650 3800 2260 €19,250.00
TRP-YR15-2-Config 15000 800-1650 2260 11260 1650 4800 2460 €32,890.00

Built with a reinforced steel undercarriage, our yard ramps have a high traction mesh non-slip surface with a swivel fork mount, making them simple to use and rely on during frequent use. Keep your ramp secure with our steel chains and clamps, hydraulic assist and wheel chocks for added safety. These ramps are highly mobile and carrying the CE mark they allow fast, easy access for loading and unloading containers with low ground clearance such as forklifts and tele-handlers.

Please note that due to the mesh surface of these mobile loading ramps, they are not suitable for machines with very small solid wheels such as pallet trucks and trollies. We have a wide selection of capacity weights and heights available in our table below. 

They can also all accommodate plant machinery and vehicles as per our vehicle ramps. 

Please see the table above for dimensions and capacities.

   Mobile loading ramp wheels  . Mobile loading ramp safety chains Container Loading Ramp