Flow Plates

Flow Plates: Controlling The Direction of Traffic

Flow plates allow the direction of the traffic to be controlled within areas such as car parks and industrial estates.

Various flow plates are available to meet your requirements. For example, Standard Flow Plates are designed for smaller car parks where there is a low-medium traffic flow. Heavy Duty Flow Plates are designed for areas where HGV's may be present, for instance industrial estates. Flow Plates with Sharks Teeth are suitable for cars and HGV'S. They are provided with a spring so the teeth are suppressed when the driver drives in the correct direction. If the driver drives over the sharks teeth in the wrong direction their tyres may be damaged.

Flow Plate & Heavy Duty Flow Plates

  • Can be locked down for temporary use in either direction
  • Spring mechanism keeps the plate upright
  • 8 fixing holes to secure to ground
  • End caps available
  • Designed for 5mph traffic

Sharks Teeth Directional Traffic Control Ramp

  • Suitable for cars and HGV's
  • Reduces speed to 10mph
  • Can be used as a continuous ramp when placed alongside one another
  • End caps available
  • Durable chequered plate design
  • 5 sharks teeth
  • 4 fixing holes per plate

Heavy Duty Traffic Control Plate

    • Alternative black and yellow sections for high visibility
    • Suitable for cars and HGV's
    • Built in counter balance to ensure it returns to the upright position
    • 8 fixing holes per plate
    • Encourages mono-directional traffic flow
    All flow plates are produced from steel and supplied with fixings for concrete free of charge. Installation instructions, along with recommended layouts, for the flow plates can be found in the description area on the specific flow plate page. Flow plates should not be fitted on gravel roads as it can reduce their life span.