Pet Ramps

Pet Ramps!

Why pet ramps are the perfect way to help your dog up heights, reducing risk of injuries! Perfect for small dogs and elderly dogs with arthritis.

If your dog is suffering from a joint condition, or is at risk of hereditary health conditions you may be thinking of how to avoid making your pooch jump unnecessary heights.

Research has shown that dogs jumping in/out of SUV's, and cars with similar heights, have resulted in damage to the dogs front legs.

Pet ramps are increasing in popularity. The new Land Rover Defender has a Pet Car & Access Pack which includes a ramp for your dog, along with a portable shower!

Why are pet ramps so important?



Ramps are great for smaller dogs, especially those with short legs like Corgis.

Dog ramps are important in reducing the strain on your dog's joints. They also reduce the risk of injury from jumping in/out of the car.

Pet ramps are great for helping elderly dogs, for example those with arthritis, get in and out of the car.



We understand that often it can be a challenge to lift your furry friend into the car, especially if they have just been for a run (and skid!) in the mud!


The Anti-slip surface is perfect for your pooches paws.

The grab handle makes it easy for you to carry this lightweight pet ramp!


Telescopic ramp for easy storage! As it is portable it can be used around the home & out and about!


Our pet ramps can be found here. Once your pet is ready to run down that ramp be sure you have an exciting place for them to visit! Check out the Kent beaches where your dog can roam free!



For lower heights, up to 4inches/100mm, tortoises have opted to go for our rubber threshold ramps