Speed Bump Kits 60mm High Heavy Duty

The Ramp People's heavy duty speed bumps are made from high-density, recycled rubber. These heavy duty speed bumps also feature an internal steel plate, making them more durable and able to withstand heavier loads. Each mid-section has a solid black and painted-yellow half, with 8 cats eye reflectors per mid section, making more visible at night. Universal fixings for tarmac or concrete come supplied. 60mm high speed bumps have been designed to be crossed comfortably at speeds up to 10mph. 

***PLEASE NOTE, the end cap are out of stock until early June***
***All orders will be dispatched but the end caps will follow once back into stock***


Length (mm)1000-8500
Width (mm)450
Height (mm)60
Weight (kg)22-207
Capacity (kg)60000

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Product: Speed Bump Kits 60mm High Heavy Duty

  • Bolt Down
  • Easy to Fit
  • Fixings Included
  • Free Drill Bit
  • High Visability
  • Includes Cats Eyes
  • One Year Warranty
  • Leave Outside
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60mm High/10mph Heavy Duty Speed Bump Kit (20 Tonne Per Axle), Total Length available from 1000mm to 8500mm. If you need longer kits please contact us and we can help you out.

  • We supply the fixings suitable for both Tarmac and Concrete.
  • With 4 cats-eye reflectors on each side of the mid-sections
  • Built-in steel reinforcing plate
  • We supply a SDS Max Drill bit free of charge per order. Please add to your cart in the checkout.
  • Please read the Speed Bump Installation Guide before fitting.

60mm High Heavy Duty Speed Bump Kits


  • Middles: 1
  • End Caps: None in this kit
  • Weight (kg): 25


  • Middles: 1
  • End Caps: 2
  • Weight (kg): 30


  • Middles: 2
  • End Caps: 2
  • Weight (kg): 55


  • Middles: 3
  • End Caps: 2
  • Weight (kg): 80


  • Middles: 4
  • End Caps: 2
  • Weight (kg): 105


  • Middles: 5
  • End Caps: 2
  • Weight (kg): 130


  • Middles: 6
  • End Caps: 2
  • Weight (kg): 155


  • Middles: 7
  • End Caps: 2
  • Weight (kg): 180


  • Middles: 8
  • End Caps: 2
  • Weight (kg): 205


  • Middles: 9
  • End Caps: 2
  • Weight (kg): 230
Capacity (kg) 60000
Height (mm) 60
Length (mm) 1000-8500
Light Reflector Réflecteurs Cats Eyes
Recycled Rubber Yes
Supplied with Fixings Yes
Weight (kg) 22-207
Width (mm) 450
One Year Warranty Yes
Bolt Down Yes
Easy to Fit Yes
High Visability Yes
Leave Outside Yes
Capacity per Axle (kg) 30,000
Capacity per Tyre (kg) 15,000
Speedlimit (mph) 10