Removable Loading Bridges

SKU Capacity (kg) Length (mm) Max Load Height (mm) Min. Load Height (mm) Weight (kg) Width (mm) Price
TRP-RB1000L 610 1000 120 50 17 1250 €610.00
TRP-RB750H 1300 750 90 0 20 1250 €655.00
TRP-RB1200L 610 1200 150 60 20 1250 €680.00
TRP-RB1000H 1300 1000 120 50 27 1250 €720.00
TRP-RB1500L 610 1500 190 80 25 1250 €780.00
TRP-RB1800L 610 1800 230 100 30 1250 €835.00
TRP-RB1200H 1300 1200 150 60 33 1250 €875.00
TRP-RB1500H 1300 1500 190 80 41 1250 €975.00
TRP-RB1800H 1300 1800 230 100 49 1250 €1,065.00

Our loading bridges come in a standard minimum width of 1.25m, but this can be widened to suit your needs – we recommend that your custom width be at least 0.70m larger than your load width. Ideally, for workers’ safety, your loading bridge should be the same width of the transport vehicle's load width.

These ramps come with rest on connections – simply position your bridge between the transport vehicle deck and your loading surface (such as a loading bay) and go! All you need to ensure is that the rest on connections must rest against the load platform and transport vehicle deck for at least 0.10 m.

Lastly, ensure that the slope between the two surfaces should never exceed 12.5%, or 7 degrees.

Our portable dock plates have been specially designed for industrial dock settings where efficient loading is paramount. A lightweight yet durable construction means these removable dock boards can be used to load the combined weight of pallet trucks and pedestrians yet are easy to move around and store when needed. You’ll find temporary dock plates are therefore ideal for dock areas with a smaller footprint or busy traffic where space and efficiency are just as important as durable loading. read more

Durable and portable dock plates

These removable loading bridges are manufactured from a lightweight aluminium, type 6005A. Using this unique lightweight material means these slim removable loading plates can be easily handled, transported and stored. A simple rest on connection ensures this whole process is as quick as possible, allowing the removable loading bridge to be set up and taken away easily. A fast paced loading dock area with a small foot print will find a temporary loading dock plate enables them to quickly load trucks while ensuring space is kept clear and safe when necessary.

With a high quality robot welded finish, you’ll find our portable dock plates have a strong and solid design for reliable durability. Perfect for pallet trucks with low ground clearance, our removable dock boards can load up to 1300kg in weight. Tested to 200%, these temporary dock boards are ideal for frequent and long term use where reliability and safety are key concerns.

For added durability and even larger load capacities, take a look at our heavy duty dock plates.

Quality and customisable removable dock boards

You’ll find a wide selection of portable dock plates to choose from, with lengths ranging from 750mm to 1800mm. This makes them suitable for a variety of capacities to meet almost any dock loading requirements. While each temporary loading bridge has a standard minimum width of 1.25m, the width is also fully customisable. The safest way to use these portable dock boards is to customise the width to the size of the vehicles load width.

Even without a custom width, you can rely on our removable dock plates to keep your dock area safe. Each one comes with a unique and highly reliable anti-slip chequer plate surface. This is a highly durable design that comes with a lifetime guarantee for safety you can count on time after time. You’ll find these products come in both a lightweight and a heavy duty options.