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RollAble Ramp, 760mm Wide

This 760mm wide RollAble Ramp can be used both for commercial and private purposes. Featuring a capacity of 453kg, the portable wheelchair ramp can be used for a variety of purposes, including overcoming steps, kerbs, doorways and thresholds, such as trickly PVC doorways. As a result of its design, it can be used by scooters, wheelchairs, and electric wheelchairs. RollAble handrails also available to purchase here.

The ramp can be rolled for storage and transportation. Where required sections can be removed or added to reduce or increase the wheelchair ramp length. The RollAble ramp is also lightweight and durable, making it perfect for any kind of setup indoors or outdoors. Support stands are included with longer ramp lengths.

Please note support stands are included from 7ft onwards, however these are not always needed until lengths of 11ft, unless loading at a steeper gradient.

RollAble Ramps can be built at any length, please contact us if you need the ramps to be 16ft or longer.

  • Customisable
  • Easy to Fit
  • Electric Wheelchair
  • High Visability
  • Manual Wheelchair
  • Mobility Scooter
  • One Year Warranty
  • Leave Outside

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RollAble Ramp Features Include:

  • RollAble Ramp is lightweight, flexible and highly portable
  • Rolls for storage and transportation 
  • Lengths from 3ft to any length available
  • 453kg capacity
  • High visibility 30mm high safety edges to reduce trip hazards and prevent users prevent accidentally wheeling off the ramp 
  • The edges of the ramp offer a cutout design to be used as carry handles when moving the ramp 
  • Smooth access onto the wheelchair ramp due to the foot of the ramp and rest on connection 
  • No installation required, simply rest the temporary ramp onto the threshold or step and start using 
  • Anti-slip surface, R13 rating
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, can be left outside 
  • Suitable for manual wheelchairs, electric wheelchairs, scooters and walkers to overcome steps, kerbs and thresholds
  • Lightweight for easy handling and compliance with Health & Safety Guidelines
  • Produced from aluminium
  • Add/remove sections to amend the ramp length as required, provided with a spanner and allen key 
  • CE marked 
  • *Support stands are provided for ramps from 7ft and longer and are recommended to be used when loading at 50cm or above. Support stands are adjustable between 47cm - 63cm. Please note the support stands are adjustable between 47cm - 63cm so are usually only used on ramps at 11ft and longer and/or when loading at heights of 47cm and above. The support stands are provided with ramps from 7ft - 10ft incase you wish to use the ramp at a steeper gradient, for example, to load empty scooters
  • For advice finding the right ramp length view our wheelchair ramp length calculator, due to the length of the rest on connection an additional 1ft is recommended 
  • Use as a temporary portable ramp solution or, for a semi-permanent solution fix the ramp to the step with our fixing plate 
  • Not suitable for solid wheels such as those on flightcases 
  • Not suitable for rubber wheels with a diameter of under 20cm 
  • Please note some lengths are sent on a pallet with delivery to the kerbside only, if this is not suitable for you please let us know when ordering 
  • Please note, this product is built to order so non-returnable/refundable

The RollAble Ramp user guide can be found here.


RollAble Ramp, 760mm wide

3ft / 91cm

  • Length 3ft (914mm)
  • Internal Width: 740mm
  • Outer Width: 785mm
  • Weight 9kg
  • Capacity 453kg
  • Rolled Diameter 14 inches / 356mm
  • Max. load height 100mm

4ft / 121cm

  • Length 4ft (1219mm)
  • Internal Width: 740mm
  • Outer Width: 785mm
  • Weight 12kg
  • Capacity 453kg
  • Rolled Diameter 16 inches / 406mm
  • Max. load height 150mm

5ft / 152cm

  • Length 5ft (1524mm)
  • Internal Width: 740mm
  • Outer Width: 785mm
  • Weight 14.5kg
  • Capacity 453kg
  • Rolled Diameter 18 inches / 457mm
  • Max. load height 200mm

6ft / 182cm

  • Length 6ft (1828mm)
  • Internal Width: 740mm
  • Outer Width: 785mm
  • Weight 17kg
  • Capacity 453kg
  • Rolled Diameter 20 inches / 508mm
  • Max. load height 255mm

7ft / 213cm

  • Length 7ft (2133mm)
  • Internal Width: 740mm
  • Outer Width: 785mm
  • Weight 22kg
  • Capacity 453kg
  • Rolled Diameter 22 inches / 559mm
  • Max. load height 305mm
  • Support Stands: Included*

8ft / 243cm

  • Length 8ft (2438mm)
  • Internal Width: 740mm
  • Outer Width: 785mm
  • Weight 24.5kg
  • Capacity 453kg
  • Rolled Diameter 24 inches / 610mm
  • Max. load height 355mm
  • Support Stands: Included*

9ft / 274cm

  • Length 9ft (2743mm)
  • Internal Width: 740mm
  • Outer Width: 785mm
  • Weight 27kg
  • Capacity 453kg
  • Rolled Diameter 26 inches / 660mm
  • Max. load height 405mm
  • Support Stands: Included*

10ft / 304cm

  • Length 10ft (3048mm)
  • Internal Width: 740mm
  • Outer Width: 785mm
  • Weight 30kg
  • Capacity 453kg
  • Rolled Diameter 28 inches / 711mm
  • Max. load height 455mm
  • Support Stands: Included*

11ft / 335cm

  • Length 11ft (3352mm)
  • Internal Width: 740mm
  • Outer Width: 785mm
  • Weight 33kg
  • Capacity 453kg
  • Rolled Diameter 30 inches / 762mm
  • Max. load height 510mm
  • Support Stands: Included

12ft / 365cm

  • Length 12ft (3657mm)
  • Internal Width: 740mm
  • Outer Width: 785mm
  • Weight 36kg
  • Capacity 453kg
  • Rolled Diameter 32 inches / 813mm
  • Max. load height 560mm
  • Support Stands: Included

13ft / 396cm

  • Length 13ft (3962mm)
  • Internal Width: 740mm
  • Outer Width: 785mm
  • Weight 38.5kg
  • Capacity 453kg
  • Rolled Diameter 34 inches / 864mm
  • Max. load height 610mm
  • Support Stands: Included

14ft / 426cm

  • Length 14ft (4267mm)
  • Internal Width: 740mm
  • Outer Width: 785mm
  • Weight 43kg
  • Capacity 453kg
  • Rolled Diameter 36 inches / 914mm
  • Max. load height 660mm
  • Support Stands: Included

15ft / 457cm

  • Length 15ft (4572mm)
  • Internal Width: 740mm
  • Outer Width: 785mm
  • Weight 46kg
  • Capacity 453kg
  • Rolled Diameter 38 inches / 965mm
  • Max. load height 710mm
  • Support Stands: Included

16ft / 488cm

  • Length 16ft (4877mm)
  • Internal Width: 740mm
  • Outer Width: 785mm
  • Weight 52kg
  • Capacity 453kg
  • Rolled Diameter 40 inches / 1016mm
  • Max. load height 760mm
  • Support Stands: Included*

17ft / 518cm

  • Length 17ft (5182mm)
  • Internal Width: 740mm
  • Outer Width: 785mm
  • Weight 55kg
  • Capacity 453kg
  • Rolled Diameter 42 inches / 1067mm
  • Max. load height 810mm
  • Support Stands: Included*

18ft / 549cm

  • Length 18ft (5486mm)
  • Internal Width: 740mm
  • Outer Width: 785mm
  • Weight 57.5kg
  • Capacity 453kg
  • Rolled Diameter 44 inches / 1118mm
  • Max. load height 860mm
  • Support Stands: Included*

19ft / 579cm

  • Length 19ft (5791mm)
  • Internal Width: 740mm
  • Outer Width: 785mm
  • Weight 60kg
  • Capacity 453kg
  • Rolled Diameter 48 inches / 1219mm
  • Max. load height 910mm
  • Support Stands: Included*

20ft / 610cm

  • Length 20ft (6096mm)
  • Internal Width: 740mm
  • Outer Width: 785mm
  • Weight 63kg
  • Capacity 453kg
  • Rolled Diameter 50 inches / 1270mm
  • Max. load height 960mm
  • Support Stands: Included*

SKU TRP-RollAble760
Capacity (kg) 453
Edge Height (mm) 30
Height (mm) 75
Internal Width 740
Length (ft) 3 - 20
Outer Ramp Width (mm) 785
Weight (kg) 9 - 60
Width (mm) 760
One Year Warranty Yes
Customisable Yes
Easy to Fit Yes
Electric Wheelchair Yes
High Visability Yes
Manual Wheelchair Yes
Mobility Scooter Friendly Yes
Leave Outside Yes
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