Wheelchair Ramp Length Calculator

Use our length calculator to help calculate the right size wheelchair ramp for your needs.

Wheelchair Ramp Length Calculator

How to choose the right length wheelchair ramp

It is always best to choose the longest ramp possible for the available space as this will provide a lesser gradient which is safer and easier to access for wheelchairs and scooters. When choosing your access ramp you should also take into consideration your ability to lift, store and move the ramp.

For portable ramps we would recommend a ramp 6-8 times the height as this will provide comfortable, assisted access. It is common practice to choose 8 times the height for walkers, powerchairs and scooter access.

Are there any regulations on gradient?

There are regulatory guidelines surrounding permanent ramps which suggest a 1:15 gradient e.g. 15 inches of length for every inch of rise. This however is not always practical or possible for portable ramps. In this case, most only achieve a 1:6 or 1:8 gradient because of space restrictions.

Our full range of wheelchair ramps, including folding wheelchair ramps and modular wheelchair ramps can be viewed here. All wheelchair ramps are available to purchase VAT exempt. 

If you have any questions or require advice on choosing the right access ramp for your needs place contact our team by calling 01372 569051 or email hello@theramppeople.co.uk.

How to measure your 'rise height' or 'load height'

To identify your required length you first need to check your load height. The load height relates to the vertical height of the area in which the wheelchair user will be going up. Once you know the height you can then use our wheelchair ramp length calculator to identify your required ramp length.