RollAble Wheelchair Ramp

RollAble Wheelchair Ramp

Introducing our RollAble ramp, designed to allow wheelchairs and scooters to overcome steps, kerbs and thresholds. Available in 3 widths. 350kg capacity. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

We are excited to be expanding our portable wheelchair ramp range with our RollAble Wheelchair Ramp! This access ramp allows scooters, walkers and wheelchairs to overcome steps and kerbs. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, the wheelchair ramp is available in a variety of widths and lengths to meet your requirements. 

Create any length from 3ft upwards

Due to the modular design, the RollAble access ramp can be purchased in any length from 3ft. The aluminium ramp is provided with an Allen key and spanner to allow you to add or remove sections as required. For example, whilst you may require a 7ft ramp at home, when on holiday you may wish to reduce the portable ramp length to 5ft to allow you to take it out and about and overcome steps into shops and homes your visiting. 

Three Widths Available 

This RollAble wheelchair ramp is available in 66cm wide, 76cm wide and 91cm wide. The 66cm ramp is great for narrow doorways around the home whilst the 91cm width is a perfect solution for offices and shops which would like a wider ramp solution. We suggest checking the width of your doorway and the width of your wheelchair or scooter prior to purchase.


RollAble Wheelchair Ramp



CE marked to a capacity of 350kg, the mobility ramp is suitable for manual wheelchairs, walkers, scooters and electric wheelchairs.

High Visibility

The access ramp offers high visibility orange safety edges. Safety edges prevent users rolling off the ramp whilst the high visibility reduces trip hazards.


Manual wheelchair going up a rolling wheelchair ramp


Portable Wheelchair Ramp

This portable wheelchair ramp rolls for storage and transportation. The ramp is provided with a black safety strap to secure the ramp whilst stored. The ramps weigh 7kg upwards depending on your chosen size. As the ramp is modular you can split the ramp during transport if required.


Portable wheelchair ramp rolls for storage and transport


Smooth entry onto the access ramp

The foot of the ramp offers users a smooth transition from ground level onto the ramp. The ramp also offers an anti-slip surface.



Further features

  • No installation required, simply rest on the step and start using 
  • Built-in carry handles on the edges of the ramp 
  • Accessories available including fixing plates to allow the ramp to be secured to a step 
  • Purchase additional lengths at a later date if you need to extend the ramp 
  • Support legs provided with ramps which are 11ft onwards 
  • One year warranty 

Which wheelchair ramp length do I require? 

To identify which wheelchair ramp length is best for you we suggest using our wheelchair ramp calculator. For the RollAble ramp an additional 1ft is recommended due to the length for the rest on connection. For example, if the calculator recommends a 6ft ramp, we would suggest you purchase a 7ft RollAble ramp. 

Further Advice

If you need assistance choosing the right ramp for your requirements, please contact our team at or call +353 1 695 0520


RollAble wheelchair ramp