Roll-a-Ramp is a revolutionary portable loading ramp system which has taken the disability access and the wheelchair access markets by storm. The simplicity and load-bearing strength of its unique design allows it to adapt to countless ramp access applications. Available in any length from 3ft upwards.

  1. Roll a ramp resting on platform

    Roll-A-Ramp 660mm Wide

    2-3 working days
    €424.35 €345.00
  2. Roll a ramp resting on step

    Roll-a-Ramp, 760mm Wide

    2-3 working days
    €473.55 €385.00
  3. Roll a ramp resting on height

    Roll-a-Ramp, 910mm Wide

    2-3 working days
    €528.90 €430.00
  4. Roll a ramp handrail attached to ramp

    Single Roll-a-Ramp Handrail 6ft-15ft

    2-3 working days
    €301.35 €245.00
  5. Double handrails on roll a ramp

    Double Sided Roll-a-Ramp Handrail 6ft-15ft

    2-3 working days
    €713.40 €580.00

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