The Ramp People's Rubber Threshold Ramps

Ramp Buying Guide – Rubber Threshold Ramps

Our Rubber Threshold Ramps are simple solutions to allow users to navigate through doorways, curbs and over low heights. To select the correct ramp for your requirements, simply measure the vertical height of the threshold and select a rubber threshold ramp that is the same as (or as close as possible to) the threshold height.

Our rubber threshold ramps have always been unbeatable for quality, flexibility and price.They are made with a safe gradient to be used with manual and electric wheelchairs so we find they are mostly used for disabled access. However, due to their high capacity of up to 1000kg they can also be used for a variety of other things such as vehicles, wheelbarrows and loading!

Watch our video to find out more:

You can read more about our rubber threshold ramps in our FAQs or call our team on +353 1 695 0520 or email us at to discuss the best ramp for your needs!

Don’t forget you can also purchase these VAT free if you qualify.