Rubber Threshold Ramps

What is a threshold ramp? 

Threshold ramps are provided as simple ramp solutions to allow the user to navigate through doorways, over curbs and other low heights. They are provided at a safe gradient to allow manual and electric wheelchairs to go up the threshold. 

What height variations are there?

We supply from 4mm to 7 inches/177mm high in our rubber range with many sizes in between suitable for almost any doorway or step.

How do you measure the height of wheelchair ramp you need? 

Simply use a tape measure to identify the total vertical height of the threshold and select the ramp which is closest to this height. 

What gradient are the ramps built to? 

Our rubber threshold ramps for 12mm to 80mm are built to a 1:10 gradient. The rubber threshold ramps with bevelled edges, available in heights between 25mm - 100mm are built to a slightly higher gradient. The gradients vary depending on your chosen height but range from a 1:6 gradient to a 1:8 gradient. The rubber ramps available in heights from 114mm are built to a 1:6 gradient. 

What widths are available?

The rubber ramps range in width from 800mm wide to 1105mm depending on your chosen height. Please view the full ramp specification on your product page. Please note the width can be reduced when required width a knife or saw.

Can they be customised?

No, but they can be easily cut at home using a saw or knife. Please only cut these widthways so you do not affect the gradient of the ramp. 

How to clean these ramps

Only washing up liquid well diluted with water should be used. Rubber is a natural product and chemicals should not be used to ensure there is no reaction.

Do they smell?

The natural smell of rubber is fades after a couple of days in fresh air. To assist the process wiping the surface with a damp cloth with washing up liquid on.

How portable are they?

Being solid rubber they are quite heavy, especially at higher heights, so should ideally be left in place semi-permanently. The weight helps to keep them in place. They are waterproof so you can leave these outside. 

How easy is it to install the ramps? 

No installation is required, simply rest the rubber ramp on the ground and start using 

Can the rubber ramps be secured to the ground?

The ramps are not provided with fixing points however some use adhesives to secure these to the ground or drill holes through the ramp and fix these to the ground. 

Are they suitable for electric wheelchairs, walkers and mobility scooters?

Yes they are due to a gentle gradient and offer an anti-slip surface. The ramps are highly durable with a 1000kg capacity. 

How can I purchase the rubber threshold ramp VAT exempt?

Yes, all of our wheelchair ramps can be purchased VAT exempt. VAT exemption is available if you are disabled or you are purchasing on behalf of someone on is disabled, for example, a friend or family member. Charities can also purchase VAT exempt. At the checkout stage there is a VAT exemption box, we simply require the name of the person the ramp is for and their disability. If this is for a charity, please provide the charity name and charity number. 

Can the ramps be used to load other items?

Due to the 1000kg capacity, the rubber ramps can also be used to load goods such as motorbikes, ride-on mowers, pets and more over steps and kerbs. 

Can the rubber ramps be used for uPvc doorways? 

Generally for uPvc doorways you would have a rubber ramp inside and a folding ramp outside as often the uPvc doorways have a 'ledge' on the outside which means the rubber ramp would not sit flush with the external door. For this we would suggest viewing our combination ramps.

In your video of the rubber ramps there is a thin rubber strip, where can I purchase this?

This strip is our rubber door sill guard which is available in 4mm - 10mm. 

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