Rubber Threshold Ramps

Q. What height variations are there?

A. We supply from 4mm to 100mm high in our rubber range with many sizes in between suitable for almost any doorway or step.

Q. What is the difference between the metric and imperial ranges?

A. The metric are designed for lower heights & have a 1:10 gradient ratio. The Imperial are slightly steeper, higher & have sloped edges.

Q. What widths are available?

A. All metric options are 1000mm wide whereas the imperial are either 1105mm or 900mm

Q. How portable are they?

A. Being solid rubber they are quite heavy so should ideally be left in place semi-permanently. The weight helps to keep them in place.

Q. Are they suitable for electric wheelchairs and mobility scooters?

A. Yes they are due to a gentle gradient.

Q. Can they be customised?

A. No, but they can be easily cut at home using a saw or stanley knife.

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