Allow Pedestrians & Vehicles To Safely Pass Over Trenches

Easily allow vehicles and pedestrians to cross trenches with Pedestrian Walkways and Vehicle Walkways. Perfect for gradients up to 8%. Free delivery across Ireland. Folding for easy storage. 5* Reviews. Customisable.

The Ramp People offer a range of Walkways and Gangways, perfect for allowing vehicles and pedestrians to pass over trenches, whether it be on an industrial or commercial site. 

We offer Aluminium Walkways and Gangways which can be used at gradients up to 5%, you can of course simply use it as a bridge. They are provided with handrails to ensure pedestrians can safely pass over the trench. Edges are also included on the ramps to prevent vehicles rolling off.

Vehicle Gangway

The Pedestrian Gangways are available in lengths up to 6055mm with a 400kg capacity.

The Vehicle Gangways are again available in lengths up to 6055mm but are provided with capacities up to 4500kg, depending on the length you select.

Widths of the ramps range from 1000mm - 1250mm.

The ramps are all built to order and customisable. They are TUV certified and made in
Italy. The handrails are folding to allow you to easily transport the ramps when required.

Folding handrails on the ramp

Need a higher gradient? We also have Pedestrian and Vehicle Ramps with Handrails which allow for loading at a 8% gradient. These are provided in lengths up to 5790mm with capacities up to 4500kg.

Require a lighter solution - Trench Covers and Road Plates?

We do also offer Trench Covers and Road Plates which are provided in yellow for high visibility. These do not come with handrails however, they are a great, simple solution if you wish to quickly cover a trench on a road or pavement to allow cars and pedestrians to easily pass. Various sizes are available.

Trench Cover