Roll Up Ramps

What is a roll up ramp?

A roll up ramp is a portable wheelchair ramp which rolls up when not in use. This means it’s easily stored and the user can easily transport the ramp and use it in various locations. Roll up ramps can be used as a straight ramp to overcome steps or as a bridge to overcome thresholds. 

How portable is the roll up wheelchair ramp? 

Our RollAble ramps are designed as portable wheelchair ramps as they roll up for storage and transportation. A safety strap is provided with all ramps to hold the ramp in the stored position. The edges of the ramp have cut-out groves which act as carry handles, in turn making it easier to manoeuvre and carry the aluminium ramp. 

The weight of the ramps do of course get heavier as the lengths increase so please do check the weight of the access ramp for the length you require to ensure it is suitable for your needs. Unlike many other ramps on the market, you can split the RollAble ramp when transporting the ramp, in turn making it easier to carry. All of the RollAble ramps are provided with an allan key and wrench to allow you to split the ramp when required. 

Can the rolling ramps be left in place? 

The RollAble ramp can be used as a portable wheelchair ramp which is simply put down as and when required or it can be left in place. The mobility ramp is suitable for indoor and outdoor use and can be left outside. For those seeking to leave the ramp in place, you may wish to view our fixing plates which allow the RollAble ramp to be secured to the step.  

Is this RollAble ramp suitable for mobility scooters? 

With a 453kg capacity, the RollAble ramp is suitable for manual wheelchairs, electric wheelchairs, scooters and walkers. The maximum load height/step height noted on the page is for assisted manual wheelchairs. To identify the most suitable length ramp for your requirements please view the chart below.

The ramp can also be used by pedestrians. In addition, the ramp can be used for loading goods or empty electric scooters into the car. When loading empty scooters, a maximum gradient of 1:33 is recommended however please of course check the clearance on the item you are loading. 

What makes the roll up ramp different to folding ramps? 

RollAble ramp offers a range of features, shown below, which often makes it stand out above standard folding wheelchair ramps. The design of the ramp allows it to be used for multiple purposes.

  • The wheelchair and mobility scooter ramp can be used as a straight ramp to allow wheelchair users to overcome steps or it can be used as a bridge ramp to go up and over difficult thresholds, including upvc thresholds and doorways.
  • The ramp is adjustable in length meaning sections of the ramp can be added and removed as and when required. Many enjoy this feature as often when you purchase a wheelchair ramp for your home, when visiting family and friends you find you need a longer or shorter ramp due to the steps at the property or space available and, in turn have to purchase a secondary ramp. With the RollAble ramp you can simply purchase additional sections when required to extend the length or simply use the tools provided with the ramp to remove sections 
  • Rolls for storage and transportation and can be split when needed
  • Whilst many folding and portable wheelchair ramp solutions are only available in lengths up to 10ft the RollAble ramp can be built to any length 
  • With a 453kg capacity, the aluminium ramp can be used as a disabled access ramp or used for loading goods, equipment or mobility scooters over steps and into vehicles. Having multiple uses makes the ramp a popular solution for businesses, shops and those hosting events 
  • The variety of widths available is beneficial to many, especially those with narrow doorways. Many with narrow doorways often struggle to find a suitable wheelchair ramp and are limited to the use of channel ramps however, the 66cm wide RollAble ramp allows an alternative ramp solution for those overcoming narrow doorways and thresholds 
  • The access ramp is suitable for indoor and outdoor and can be left outside as a semi-permanent access solution 
  • Smooth access on and off of the ramp due to the curved rest on connection and foot of the ramp 

What widths are the roll up ramps available in?

Our RollAble wheelchair ramps are provided in various widths from 660mm up to 910mm. The RollAble ramp can also be provided at wider widths with a longer lead time, please contact us if you require the ramp to be wider. The key is to check the width of your doorway to ensure the ramp will fit in the required door. In addition, the width of the wheelchair needs to be checked to ensure the wheelchair will fit on the ramp. For narrow doorways, the 660mm wide is a popular solution whilst the 760mm width fits the majority of wheelchairs and mobility scooters. 

How long should a wheelchair ramp be?

We recommend a minimum of a 1:6 gradient for manual wheelchairs or 1:8 gradient for electric wheelchairs and scooters. Since electric wheelchairs and scooters have a low ground clearance, they require a smoother gradient.

Please note, for the RollAble ramp and additional 1ft is recommended due to the length of the rest on connection. For example, if the calculator suggests you require a 6ft ramp, when purchasing a RollAble ramp you will need to purchase a 7ft ramp.  You can use our ramp calculator to help you work out what ramp length you require.

Are portable, roll up wheelchairs ramps safe?

Yes, The Ramp People's RollAble ramps are CE marked and SGS tested to the 453kg capacity. Please view our RollAble Ramp guide for more information. 

Please do of course ensure to use the portable ramp within the recommended guidelines, including checking the maximum load height and capacity. For higher heights, we recommend using the ramp with the support legs provided. 

What keeps the RollAble wheelchair ramp in place? 

The portable wheelchair ramps stay in place through a combination of factors including the extended rest on connection, the design of the foot of the ramp, the weight of the ramp and the weight of the user. For longer lengths support legs are provided for additional safety. 

When should support stands be used with the rolling wheelchair ramps? 

We provide support legs with all RollAble ramps purchased which are 7ft and longer.

The support stands are recommended to be used when loading at heights of 50cm or above. Generally, when using the RollAble ramp for disabled access you will not use the support legs unless you have purchased a ramp at 11ft or longer.

We provide the legs with ramps at 7ft and longer as those using the ramp for loading empty scooters or goods can use the ramp at a steeper gradient (maximum 1:33 gradient) and therefore may require the legs when using, for example, an 8ft ramp. 

Can I rent a roll up wheelchair ramp?

No, we do not rent wheelchair ramps. By selling new ramps only, we are able to offer at least a 1 year warranty. If you are unsure whether the wheelchair ramp will be suitable for you please contact our team who will be happy to assist.