New Speed Bump Kits

New Speed Bump Kits

Why Speed Bumps?

The aim of speed bumps is to decrease the speed at which cars travel through areas that may experience high pedestrian traffic. Often, this includes the elderly or children who are much more at risk from misjudging distances and crossing roads at a slower pace. In areas such as this, these speed bumps can provide additional security and safety for everybody involved. Speed bumps can also help to reduce speed limits in areas accidents are more likely because of low visibility or a high volume of road traffic. Some residential areas feature tight corners and little visibility into other streets. Using speed bumps here will reduce the risk of traffic collisions greatly. Of course, there are also situations where an area becomes known for drivers who frequently break the speed limit, putting themselves and other people at risk. Speed bumps provide an easy-to-set-up and cost effective solution to this problem. In comparison with speed cushions or speed humps, speed bumps are a less gentle solution where a low speed limit is necessary for safety. They can also be used continuously across long stretches of road, where a low speed limit must be enforced to help keep the area safe. This is done by ensuring a low speed limit is kept consistently.

Where you might use speed bumps

Here are some examples where speed bumps are a common solution:
  • Outside schools, leisure centres and other public areas where more vulnerable people might be at risk.
  • In residential areas where families and other at-risk people may often be walking.
  • In areas where cars


    often break a residential speed limit.
  • Indoor and outdoor car parking spaces where a high volume of usually slow-moving vehicles are at risk of collisions with those breaking the speed limit.
New Speed Bump Kits

New and improved speed bump kits

With our versatile speed bump kits, you can provide safety in residential areas or commercial spaces. Our speed bump kits are available in different heights from 50mm to 75mm as well as a 60mm, steel reinforced, heavy-duty version that is suitable even for the heaviest vehicles in commercial areas or a large traffic volume as they are durable. You can now also buy our 50mm and 75mm high speed bump options in all yellow or all black and with or without end caps. It is also possible to get just end caps to allow you to configure your traffic calming solution in whatever way is necessary. Fixings are supplied free of charge as part of each kit, if you do require spare parts or additional fixings in future these can be supplied – just get in contact for a quote. Picture1

High quality speed bumps and signs

The recent changes to our speed ramp solutions have not affected the other great benefits to be had from this method of traffic calming. All our speed bump kits come with fixings and drill bit. All prices include free delivery across Ireland. Our standard colours are high-visibility black and yellow and feature 8 reflectors on each mid-section to make these speed bumps safe for both cars and pedestrians and in the dark. These speed bumps are made from a high density, recycled rubber and feature an internal steel plate to make them extremely durable and long lasting. In addition to our road safety solutions, we also supply warning signs to improve the safety around speed bumps either new or already in place. With a reflective surface, these speed limit warning signs help make drivers aware of the speed bumps and prevent any potential hazards that may occur through sudden braking or driving over the speed bumps too fast. If you need help finding the right solution, please do not hesitate to contact our team directly!