Folding wheelchair ramp and a rubber threshold ramp

Easily Overcome Door Thresholds With Your Wheelchairs

Easily overcome thresholds with your manual wheelchair, electric wheelchair or scooter. Folding solutions available and solutions which can be left outside. Extensive range, lightweight options. Anti-slip. Find the best solution for your threshold.

Many wheelchair users struggle to overcome door thresholds, especially PVC door thresholds. Here at The Ramp People we have various solutions to help you overcome difficult thresholds in your wheelchair or scooter. Our ramp experts are always on hand to provide advice if needed.

All of our wheelchair ramps can be purchased VAT exempt, simply provide the name of the person the ramp is for and disability in the VAT exemption box at the checkout. Alternatively, if the ramp is for a charity provide the charity name and number.

What to check before ramp hunting

Before looking for a ramp you need to identify the height of the steps which you are going up as this will work out what length ramp you need. Remember to check your internal height & external height. You need to know the total vertical height you are going up. Enter the height into our simply Wheelchair Ramp Length Calculator to identify your required ramp length. If you have a specifically heavy chair, or an extra wide chair you will also need to take this into consideration.

The Popular Combo: Rubber Threshold Ramp & Folding Ramp

This solution is perfect for PVC doors and is suitable for manual wheelchairs, electric wheelchairs and scooters. For the internal height, simply purchase a Rubber Threshold Ramp. These are available in heights up to 4"/100mm. No installation is required, simply rest the ramp in place. If the ramp is too wide for your doorway you can use a stanley knife or saw to cut this to your required size. The Rubber Threshold Ramps can be quite heavy, especially the higher heights, so normally we recommend leaving these in place. In a way they act as a doormat!

For the external height, purchase one of our folding wheelchair ramps. Our simply Wheelchair Ramp Length Calculator will identify your required folding ramp length. Simply rest the folding wheelchair ramp, or suitcase ramp, onto the threshold. You will then be able to go up the folding wheelchair ramp and down the rubber threshold ramp, easily bridging the threshold!

Adjustable Threshold Ramp With Entry Plate

If you wish to leave the ramp outside/in place, we would suggest this solution. The Adjustable Threshold Ramp with Entry Plate allows you to easily overcome the threshold. They are suitable for manual wheelchairs, electric wheelchairs and scooters. When you wish to shut the door, or do not need to use the ramp, simply flip the entry plate out of the way and close the door.

The ramp is provided with an anodised surface you can leave it outside. The external ramp is available in lengths up to 8ft. The leg kit of the ramp can be adjusted so you can use the ramp in different locations if you wish, simply adjust the leg height to meet your requirements. The internal entry plate is suitable for heights up to 120mm.


Combination Channel Ramps - Manual Wheelchairs

The Ramp People's Combination Folding Channel Ramps provide a lightweight solution to bridge a threshold. The hinge design creates a bridge for the manual wheelchair user. They are folding and telescopic for easy storage. Carry handles are also included. Available in lengths up to 10ft, they can be used as straight ramps to overcome a set of steps or the hinge can be used to go up and over the threshold.

Due to the safety edges, these are only suitable for manual wheelchairs.

Internal Thresholds - Bridge Ramps For Manual Wheelchairs

For internal thresholds, we have a variety of bridge ramps for manual wheelchairs.

If the height is the same size on both sides of the threshold, we would suggest our Aluminium Bridge Ramps, perfect for heights up to 100mm. If the height varies on both sides of the threshold, we would suggest our Adjustable Fibreglass Wheelchair Ramps. The ramps are suitable for heights up to 152mm. You can adjust the leg height to match the height on either side of the doorway. These are lightweight and include a black grip surface.

Internal Thresholds - Manual Wheelchairs, Electric Wheelchairs and Scooters

One popular solution is to purchase two Rubber Threshold Ramps, one for each side of the door. Simply purchase the Rubber Threshold Ramp closest to your height, they are available in 4mm - 100mm heights. If the ramp is too wide for your doorway, you can simply cut the ramp to your required width with a stanley knife or saw.

Any questions?

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