Digger driving up Loading Ramps  onto flat bed vehicle

Easily Load Diggers, Tractors & JCB's - Plant Machinery Loading Ramps

Easily load machinery onto vehicles with our Aluminium Loading Ramps. Select the ramps which are best for your load height and capacity. Free Delivery. Expert Advice.

The Ramp People's extensive range of Aluminium Loading Ramps are perfect for loading machinery up heights of up to 1650mm. The ramps are popular within the commercial and domestic sectors as they are TUV certified to EU standards - you can be confident you will be able to load your machinery safely! 

The Ramp People have a wide range of Aluminium Loading Ramps in stock for immediate dispatch, meaning you can have them within 3-5 working days. All of our Aluminium Loading Ramps are made in the EU. Delivery is free throughout the Republic of Ireland. Companies can provide their VAT IE number to ensure they do not need to pay the VAT.  Prices on the website are for the pair.



Which Ramps Should I Buy?

With so many ramps available, it can be a daunting process thinking which one would work for you. Our team are always on hand to provide expert advice to you, simply email info@theramppeople.ie or call +353 1 695 0520

1. Firstly you need to consider your load height, that is the vertical height from the ground to where the ramps will rest.

This will help to identify the length of ramp you require. All of our ramps are designed for a certain load height. The foot of the ramp is cut for that height to ensure a smooth loading process. If you use the ramps at the incorrect height they will not rest securely on the ground. The recommended lengths are in line with EU recommendations, a 1:33 gradient is recommended during loading. Please do of course check the maximum gradient your machine can load at. Some machinery will require a smoother gradient, for example forklifts require longer ramps due to their low ground clearance.

2. The maximum weight you wish to load - you need to consider the items weight, any fuel, any weight the item will be carrying and the driver. It is always best to overestimate rather than underestimate as loading above the recommended capacity can be dangerous and void your 1 year warranty.

3. Do you plan to load machinery with rubber tracks or steel tracks? We have solutions for both. For steel tracks we have Industrial Ramps with rubber coating or milled surface ramps.

4. How will the ramp connect to the vehicle? We have 4 connection options available, the most popular is the rest on connection which simply rests on to the vehicle. There is a predrilled hole to allow you to put a pin through the connection and secure this to the vehicle. The rest on connection is perfect for Flat-bed vehicles and Tipper Trucks

Along with the above, you do also need to consider your track width and wheelbase. All ramps have a minimum track width noted on them. The wheelbase can affect the capacity the ramp can hold, as the wheelbase decreases so does the capacity.

You will also need to consider the clearance on your machine. Low clearance vehicles do require longer ramps, we can provide custom ramps if required, please ask our team for more details.