container ramp

Easily Load & Unload Shipping Containers

Easily load and unload shipping containers with a Pallet Truck or Forklift Ramp. Aluminium and Rubber solutions available. Up to 10,000kg Capacity. In stock solutions. Competitive prices. Find the right solution for your load height. Customisable options. 5* reviews. Expert advice.

Although shipping containers are generally only circa 150mm from the ground, you will know it is a challenge to get forklifts and pallet trucks up this height without a ramp solution, especially because of their low ground clearance.

The Ramp People offer a range of Pallet Truck Ramps, Aluminium Container Ramps and Rubber Container Ramps to help you load and unload shipping containers, whether you are using a forklift or pallet truck. These ramps can also be used to overcome kerbs and small heights which obstruct loading.

Pallet Trucks Ramps - 1,000kg Capacity

Our Pallet Truck Ramps are perfect for loading 1000kg up heights of up to 175mm. They are European made, TUV certified and produced from aluminium. These portable ramps simply rest on to the container to allow you to start loading quickly and efficiently. They are provided in lengths up to 2400mm and include a smooth entry onto the ramp. Due to the low ground clearance of pallet trucks, the general gradient loading rule of 1:33 is not suitable. For loading pallet trucks we generally recommend a 1:8 gradient or longer, our Pallet Truck ramps are built with this in mind to ensure successfully and easy loading.


Pallet Truck Ramp

Aluminium Container Ramps - Easily Load Forklifts up to 7500kg

Our Aluminium Container Ramps are provided in capacities up to 7,500kg, perfect for loading forklifts in and out of containers. We have a wide range of ramps, designed for load heights up to 400mm. All of the ramps are cut for a specific load height to ensure smooth entry onto the ramp. Again, the ramps are TUV certified and produced in Europe. They are fully customisable, if you have any specific requirements please let our team know so we can assist in providing the perfect loading solution for you!


Aluminium Container Ramps


Rubber Container Ramps - For Loading Pallet Trucks & Forklifts

This heavy duty Container Ramp has been our top selling container ramp since it was first listed on our website just over a year ago. The Rubber Ground Level Container Ramp has a 10,000kg capacity, perfect for loading forklifts and pallet trucks in and out of the container. The ramp is modular, provided in 16+ pieces allowing one person to put this into place. Bone connectors allow you to easily put the ramp together. The modular pieces also mean the ramp can be stored easily. Add on sections are available to build the ramp to higher heights if needed. As it is rubber, the ramp can be left outside.

Ground Level Rubber Container Ramp


Lightweight Solutions - For Loading Under 500kg

If you are looking to load trolleys into containers we would recommend viewing our Kerbhoppers. The lightweight ramps are a simple, portable solution for loading capacities up to 500kg. Simply rest the ramp onto the container and start loading. Kerbhoppers are yellow for high visibility and can be left outside. They are a popular solution in construction and commercial settings.



All of our Container Ramps include a 1 year warranty. For in stock ramps, when ordered prior to 1pm, the ramp is dispatched the same day. Delivery takes 4-10 working days.