Car Ramps from The Ramp People Ireland

Car Ramps from The Ramp People Ireland

Whether you’re looking to finally buy that classic car of your dreams or you’re a classic car veteran with a few restorations and projects under your belt, you’ll know how challenging it can be to look after these incredible cars. From vintage classics to modern beauties, transporting and caring for these vehicles is tough, to say the least. To really look after these cars a decent set of car ramps or even a car lift are essential tools to have at hand.

Low cars, high prices

Classic cars and modern sports models are notoriously difficult to care for. This mostly comes down to the low profile of these cars. Riding so close to the road surface, slopes and kerbs or steps that other cars can handle are a major problem for these vehicles. Even low gradient slopes can catch the front bumper and cause serious damage. When you’re dealing with cars that cost a small fortune and can be extremely difficult fix, this is a real concern for car enthusiasts. With most classic and sports car enthusiasts looking to showcase their cars, attend events and work on them at home, these vehicles can quickly present everyday difficulties. Even private owners not looking to show off their dream car can come unstuck if they have a kerbed or sloped driveway, and taking your car for a spin can be a nightmare when not all locations are classic-car friendly. Classic and modern sports cars are low to ground and need car ramps to safely get up steps and slopes

The ultimate classic car solution

If you’re looking for a solution for your latest classic car investment, then you’ll find both car lifts and car ramps at The Ramp People Ireland. While our standard car ramps are a simple yet extremely versatile solution to many of the everyday issues low profile cars can present, our all-new car lifts are ideal for dedicated car enthusiasts looking to get their hands dirty.

Our standard car ramp solution

If you’re looking for car ramps in Ireland then you’ll find our standard car ramps offer a completely versatile solution and can be delivered free of charge. At just 40mm thick these ramps are extremely lightweight and perfect for transportation and storage, so you can take them with you and prepare your car for any challenge. The default rest on connection is quick and easy to set up, but you’ll also find a choice of three other connection types to suit any situation. Whether you’ve got one car or ten, these standard ramps come in a choice of four different widths plus a range of lengths and capacities to suit any type of car. They are even tested to three different wheelbases to account for weight spread and guarantee complete safety for any vehicle. Made from high-grade aluminium and robot welded for extreme durability, our car ramps have been used for everything from loading cars onto containers for around the world trips to stages for events and showrooms. If you can’t find the right car ramp length for you, we can even produce custom ramps for almost any load height and requirement. Buy car ramps in Ireland with our lightweight yet highly durable standard car ramps

Car lifts for the dedicated enthusiast

If you’re restoring or kitting out your car, or simply like to handle the mechanics yourself, there’s no doubt you’ll need a good car lift. If you’ve already looked for a car lift to use at home, you may have noticed many can be complicated and difficult to use regularly in the confines of your garage or driveway. Often designed with mechanics and large garages in mind, standard car lifts simply aren’t appropriate for everyday home use. Fortunately, the Kwik-Lift car lift ramp offers the perfect solution. The latest addition to our car ramps, Kwik-Lift is an American made product designed specifically for home owners. Suitable for use in smaller garages and even outside, the car lift ramp is easy to use with straightforward setup and is easy to take down and store when not in use. High strength steel is laser cut for accuracy for a strong durable construction that makes it one of the safest car lifts around. Capable of taking weights up to 2262kg with a fully adjustable width, this car lift is perfect for vehicles of all sizes. Find a car lift in Ireland that is straightforward and portable, perfect for use at home both in the garage and outside

Affordable car ramps in Ireland

We offer free delivery throughout Ireland making our car ramps and car lifts some of the most affordable products around and giving you quality for less. If you think you need a custom car ramp solution or can’t find the right product for you on our website, call one our sales team and speak with an expert. We can work with you to find the right solution.