The Ramp People Modular Ramp Systems

Adjustable Access - The Flexibility of Modular Ramp Systems!

The Ramp People's modular ramp systems are a really flexible solution that can be used in a large variety of places. Whether you need them for home use or for a commercial building, these modular ramps offer unparalleled customisation to fit almost any building entrance. This means they are great for places where a portable or temporary solution would not be sufficient but a fully permanent ramp cannot be used either.

Our modular ramps are a great, cost-effective solution that can be built in one location and assembled at your location. We won’t even need to undergo a site visit to provide a solution. All you need to do is prove us with photos, measurements and sketches for us to work out what will work best for your needs! As the modular ramp systems can be built in a multitude of ways you do not need to have the ramp coming straight out from the door. For areas with more limited space or complicated angles, the ramp can zigzag down to reduce the area it takes up or be built to go around the edge of the building. Check out some examples below: 

It is our platforms that allow the ramp systems to be built in this way and what gives them such great flexibility to fit your needs depending on your location. As well as creating a safe and secure entrance to your building, they allow you to create bends in the ramp. This means you can create 90-degree bends or U-turns to allow the ramps to fit into limited spacing. It also allows the ramp to run alongside the building to take up less space in front of the building. There are almost an unlimited number of options on how to have the systems set up.

All of the supplied kits come with adjustable legs and our miniramps can be used to account for small changes in height to create a safe, smooth entrance. They can also be used to extend the lengths of and are easy to remove and re-use elsewhere. 

Ultimately, wheelchair ramps for semi-permanent use are made to be a portable and temporary fix, however, they are built to last years so can be left in place “permanently” for as long as you need them. The flexibility comes with the fact that they can be taken down easily once they are no longer needed. This means they can also be used for another building/area with some adjustments.

If you are interested in hearing more about our modular wheelchair ramps or need help selecting the right system, please contact us for advice.