1300mm Wide Ramp System - Parts

The parts of our 1300mm wide Lighweight Modular Ramp systems can be added to extend or re-configurate the ramp system.

Some parts suchs as steps, ramp to ramp connections, lead in ramps and platform connections are availble upon request, as are customised parts. Please contact us for more information.

  1. Handrails for aluminium modular wheelchair ramps

    Handrails for modular ramp system

    From €195.00
    Built to Order
  2. 1300mm wide aluminium ramp section

    1300mm Wide Ramps

    From €795.00
    Built to Order
  3. Support legs for aluminium modular ramps

    Lightweight Modular Ramp System - Leg kits

    From €140.00
    Built to Order
  4. 1300mm platform for aluminium modular ramp

    Platforms/Landings for 1300mm Wide Ramp System.

    From €1,405.00
    Built to Order

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