1300mm Usable Width Ramp System

For use with public and more commercial buildings, our wider, 1300mm usable ramp width, lightweight modular ramps are ideal for providing access to wheelchairs and mobility scooters. As the systems can support up to 400kg as standard capacity. 

These systems are both designed to be portable and temporary - therefore they do not need to comply with building regulations (Part M or Part K) - if you require your system to be compliant please get in contact as this something we can provide but the specification needs to be altered.

Available with or without handrails, as leg can be independently adjusted without handrails, however we do advise to opt for the ramp kit with handrials.

Modular Wheelchair Ramp Features Include:

  • Fully modular design that can be adapted and changed easily
  • Lightweight, can be assembled by a single person however it will be much easier if done by 2 or more people
  • Designed to fit right up to the door
  • Long life anodized aluminum prevents rusting
  • High capacity construction
  • Can be used with or without handrails.
  • Customised powder coated handrails available
  • Up to 1300mm in height as standard
  • Up to 400kg/m capacity
  • 3 year guarantee.