Channel Ramps

Q. What advantages and disadvantages does a pair of ramps have?

A. They are much lighter to lift as only one needs to be picked up at a time but the width does need to be set for each wheelchair.

Q. Are they suitable for electric wheelchairs and mobility scooters?

A. No, due to the high upstand safety edges these are not suitable for electric wheelchairs or mobility scooters.

Q. Are they easy to store?

A. As the ramps are telescopic they can go to a very compact size for storage.

Q. What lengths are available?

A. We offer 4ft to 12ft options in several different styles.

Q. What variations are available?

A. The majority of our ranges are telescopic (with and without black grip tape) but we do also offer rigid and folding options as well as extra wide channel ramps.

Q. Can the ramps be used in between the minimum and maximum lengths?

A. The ramps can be used at any length between the minimum and maximum lengths as the weight on the ramps causes them to flex slightly locking them at the required size.

Q. How hard is it to line up the wheelchairs wheels with the channels?

A. The first few times of using the ramps it will take a few attempts to position correctly, but after a few uses it becomes easier to judge where the ramps need to be placed. Some customers Mark on the floor or door frame with chalk to make it immediately apparent where each ramp needs to be placed.

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