Barrier Fences and Traffic Cones

Barrier Fences and Traffic Cones

As The Ramp People never stops in evolving the business we also never look stop looking for new products and possibilities, not only ramps but also our range of road safety products.

In 2016 we have therefore introduced Traffic Cones and Barrier Fences to our range.

Traffic Cones are also known in various different names such as road cones, safety cones, witch’s hat, construction cones or traffic pylons. Usually shaped as cones in high visible orange with attached reflection. The usage varies from temporarily traffic redirection in occasions like accidents, construction areas etc. History of traffic cones:

Invented by American Aaron Stanley in 1943, who got the idea for the traffic cone while working as a painter for the Street Painting Department of the City of Los Angeles

The first traffic cones used in the United Kingdom occurred in 1958, when the M6 motorway opened. These traffic cones were a substitute for red lantern paraffin burners being used during construction on the Preston Bypass. In 1961, David Morgan of Burford, Oxfordshire, UK believes that he constructed the first experimental plastic traffic cones, which replaced pyramid-shaped wooden ones previously used.

Another temporary solution in various occasions, such as event management or pedestrian control, could be our new barrier fences. From 2m upwards they can be extended to any length required and they are designed for straight pavements but can also be used on sloping ground.

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