Modular Wheelchair Ramp Instruction Guide and Video

An easy guide to installing our Modular Wheelchair Ramp can be viewed, here or you can watch our assembly instructions video below.

Our modular systems can be assembled by a competent builder or DIY'er. Please see for yourself in the video how simple this installation can be.

Unsure how to identify which ramp is suitable for you? Please view the following page for a simple guide on the measurements required to identify the most suitable ramp for the property.

A quick guide to fixings, bolts and small parts:

As each system has a various number of bolts, fixings and small parts, we have photographed all small items and explained these below.

1) Foot Parts

Modular Wheelchair Ramp System Foot Plate

1. Adjustable foot, to be screwed in the telescopic leg in the stanchion
2. Nut, for adjusting and fitting the foot in the leg
3. Foot plate, to be placed under the adjustable foot. If necessary you need to place slabs under the foot plate to strengthen the foot under the Modular Wheelchair System.

2) Fixings

Modular Wheelchair Ramp System Fixings Diverse

1. Shorter bolts for the top bar of the handrails
2. Longer bolts for the lower bar of the handrails
3. Washer for all bolts in the image, every bolt needs to be fixed with a washer 
4. Nuts, to fix the 1. and 2. bolts
5. Bolts, to fix the stanchions to the ramp sections, with a washer and nuts (image no.3, part no.3) 
6. U-Shaped locking pin, to fix the handrails to the plastic caps on the stanchions 

3. Fixings Part 2

Modular Wheelchair Ramp System Fixings Diverse part 2

1. Long bolts to connect the ramp section with the platform
2. Wedge washer, to connect the sloped ramp section to the straight platform 
3. Nuts, for the bolts no.1

4. Ramp Section Fixings

Modular Wheelchair Ramp System Ramp Section Fixings

1. Bolts, to connect the ramp sections with each other
2. Nuts, for the ramp sections connection bolts
3. Plastic end caps, for the lower edges of the ramp sections

5. Handrails Fixings

Modular Wheelchair Ramp System Handrail Bolt

1. Bolt, to connect the handrails to the stanchions
2. Nut, to fix the bolt

6. Stanchions and Telescopic Leg

Modular Wheelchair Ramp System Stanchions

1. Stanchions, which contain the telescopic legs to connect the handrails with the ramp sections. The two top holes are the ones to be fitted with the plastic caps (2.), which can be seen below in the bolt circles  

Modular Wheelchair Ramp System Stanchions fitted with Plastic Caps

Modular Wheelchair Ramp Systems and the law

These systems are designed to be portable and temporary - therefore they do not need to comply with building regulations (Part M or Part K) - if you require your system to be fully compliant please get in contact as this something we can provide but the specifications need to be tailored to the installation site and for the usage (residential or commercial).