Modular Kit with Platform and Double Height Handrails (1100mm x5700mm long)

Modular Ramp System, 5700mm long, 1100mm wide, internal width 877mm, with double height handrails and mesh anti-slip surface.
Capacity (kg)200kg / sq. meter

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  • Customisable
  • Easy to Fit
  • Electric Wheelchair
  • European Made
  • Fixings Included
  • Manual Wheelchair
  • Mobility Scooter
  • Two Year Warranty
  • Leave Outside
€4,114.00 €3,400.00
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Modular Wheelchair Ramp Systems - Legal Compliance

These systems are both designed to be portable and temporary.

Modular Ramp Kit, 5700mm long, 1100mm wide, with double height handrails and mesh anti-slip surface. 

Kit includes:

  • Lead In Ramp: 340mm deep x 960mm long
  • Ramp Module incl. Double Height Handrails: 5700mm long x 1100mm wide
  • Platform incl. 2x Double Height Handrails: 1100mm wide x 1100mm long
  • Connection to step/threshold: 470mm deep x 960mm long; can be ordered cut to size if required. The necessary door measurements can be found here.

All instructions and a video for assembling the system can be found here.

SKU TRP-MS1100-5700
Capacity (kg) 200kg / sq. meter
Two Year Warranty Yes
Customisable Yes
Easy to Fit Yes
Electric Wheelchair Yes
European Made Yes
Manual Wheelchair Yes
Mobility Scooter Friendly Yes
Leave Outside Yes