Motorcycle and Folding Loading Ramps

Q. How do they connect to the vehicle?

A. The ramps use a rest on connection which is either red prongs or a solid lip (depending on model) which rests onto the surface you are loading onto. Straps come supplied which can be used to secure the ramps in place.

Q. Are they lightweight?

A. Yes, all our folding ramps are under 20kg in weight & a pair splits up the weight so that you only need to move one ramp at a time.

Q. Can I buy a single ramp?

A. Yes, singles can be viewed under motorcycle ramps on our website.

Q. How grippy is the surface?

A. As grippy as we can make it without causing damage to tyres or excessive wear to the surface. If you plan to use in very wet or muddy conditions further grip might need to be added such as griptape or rubber covering.

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