Motorcycle and Folding Loading Ramps

How do they connect to the vehicle?

The ramps use a rest on connection which is either red prongs or a solid lip (depending on model) which rests onto the surface you are loading onto. Straps come supplied which can be used to secure the ramps in place.

Are they lightweight?

Yes, all our folding ramps are under 20kg in weight & a pair splits up the weight so that you only need to move one ramp at a time.

Can I buy a single ramp?

Yes, singles can be viewed under motorcycle ramps on our website.

How grippy is the surface?

As grippy as we can make it without causing damage to tyres or excessive wear to the surface. We have a variety of surfaces available, including a mesh surface and cut-out grip system to allow you to choose a suitable surface for your requirements. If you plan to use in very wet or muddy conditions further grip might need to be added such as griptape or rubber covering.

Which length ramp should I buy? 

You need to check your load height (from the ground to where the ramp will rest) as this affects the length of ramp required. All of our products note the maximum load height for the ramp in question. You also need to consider the maximum weight you wish to load. 

How wide are the motorcycle ramps? 

We have various widths available from 230mm - 440mm. 

Why are the ramps curved?

The ramps are curved to improve ground clearence. 

What other items can be loaded on these ramps?

Our motorcycle ramps are regularly used to load quad bikes, ride on lawnmowers, garden machinery and ATVS. You should not load single axle or tracked machinery on the ramps or any other industrial loading – domestic use only

I have a professional gardening and landscaping business, are these folding ramps suitable? 

No, these folding loading ramps are designed for domestic use only. For professional use please view our professional range

What are the benefits of motorcycle ramps with support legs?

Our motorcycle ramps with support legs offer a higher capacity than those without legs