Yard ramp

What is a Mobile Yard Ramp?

A mobile yard ramp is used to load and unload shipping containers without the use of a permanent docking bay. The ramp is placed and the back of the vehicle, allowing machines such as forklifts and plant machinery to gain access into the container to unload and load containers quickly and safely. 

What is the capacity of a Yard Ramp?

We provide yard ramps with capacities up to 15,000kg, if you require a higher capacity please let us know as these can be customised to your specifications.

Are the Mobile Yard Ramps customisable?

Yes, the ramp can be customised in terms of length and width. The ramp can also be produced with handrails for increased safety.

Are the ramps certified?

Yes, our Yard Ramps are CE marked and produced in Europe to ensure optimal quality. 

How easy is it to put the mobile yard ramp into place?

The Mobile Docking Yard Ramp can easily be moved as it has a fixed swivel clamp which allows a forklift to easily move the ramp into place. The ramp is provided on rubber tyres which helps allow it to turn with ease. The height of the ramp can easily be adjusted using the hydraulic pump. The ramp is delivered ready to use, simply unload the yard ramp off of the trailer using a forklift and start using your yard ramp! 

What are the mobile yards made from?

The ramps are produced from steel, they have a mesh anti-slip surface to ensure optimal grip and safety. The ramps are suitable to be used in all weathers. 

Are the ramps safe to use?

Yes the ramps are CE marked. The ramp is produced with a mesh surface to provide extra grip, the ramps are customisable and can include handrails to increase safety further if required. Steel safety chains are also provided, which include large hooks, to allow the ramp to be secured in place during use. The ramps are provided with a full user manual along with a 1 year warranty. 

How long does it take to get a Yard Ramp?

The lead time on the Yard Ramps depends on availability. Our stock is live so some days we have these available for immediate dispatch whilst, in other instances the lead time is a 2-4 weeks. Please contact our team for an accurate lead time. Delivery is free across the Republic of Ireland.

Can the ramp be used on a slope?

That depends on the slope. If you are planning to use the ramp on uneven ground, please contact us before ordering.

Yard ramp