Ground Protection Mats FAQ

What are ground protection mats? 

Ground protection mats are used to  protect the land from damage caused by pedestrian and vehicle traffic. They are generally used on a temporary basis during construction works and festivals to protect the ground. 

What do I need to consider when buying a mat? 

When buying ground protection mats you need to consider: size of area you wish to cover, capacity of the mat (e.g. is it for pedestrians, vehicle traffic or plant machinery) and ground type the mat will be placed on. In addition, you will need to consider the health & safety, for example some mats are provided with ramped edges to ensure they are wheelchair friendly whilst others are designed to be suitable to be used with steel tracked machinery. For advice on which mats meet your requirements, please contact our team. 

How do the mats connect together? 

Different connection options are provided with different mats. Connection types include; cable ties, bolts & washers, interlocking tongue and groove system. 

What weight can a ground protection mat hold? 

All mats are rated to different capacities depending on the purpose of the mat. Some are designed for pedestrian traffic whilst others have a capacity of over 60,000kg as they are designed to hold tracked machinery. Please note, the capacity of the mat is affected by the ground conditions. 

What is the benefit of using ground protection mats? 

Ground protection mats are beneficial in protecting the land from damage during heavy pedestrian traffic & vehicle traffic. In addition, the mats can allow construction machinery to easily gain access to areas which may be especially muddy or sensitive areas, for example heritage sites. The non-slip surface on some mats prevents vehicles and pedestrians slipping in boggy areas, therefore reducing health and safety risks. The mats are reusable and therefore can be used at various different sites again and again to ensure they are economically beneficial. 

How easy is it to install ground protection mats?

The mats vary in weight so please check this prior to purchase. Generally one mat can be lifted by 2 people and therefore they are normally quite easy to install. 

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