Fixed Folding Van Ramps

How do I find the correct size of ramp for my van?

With so many models and variations we ask that you complete our measurements document so that we can recommend the best suited model for your application. It is imperative to check these measurements as the wrong size of ramp will not fit the van. See here our measurements guide which we ask you to complete and return via email.

What are the benefits of the mesh surface?

The mesh surface is slightly lighter, a bit more grip & in wet conditions, allows water to run through the surface rather than down it. The mesh also leaves some visibility through rear windows. Mesh surface is currently only available up to 400kg.

What is the pivoting/twisty System?

The pivoting system is a hinge on the bottom corner of the ramp which allows the system to be turned 90 degrees in or out of the van making for quick access the loading bay without the need to deploy the full ramp. The pivot system is available as a customisation on some of our FEAL folding ramps, speak to our team to request a quote.

Can I install the ramp myself?

Yes, our ramps can be fitted by any competent DIYer see our fitting guide here.

Can the ramps be easily removed?

As standard it will mean removing bolts and brackets which could take some time. If the ramp is to be regularly removed then we suggest you purchase our quick release system which allows the base plate to be unclipped in under a minute leaving just the brackets on the floor. The quick release system is NOT available for ramps with the twisty system.

Can the ramps be secured when vehicle is moving?

Yes, we will supply a pair of straps to secure the ramp for when the vehicle is on movement.

Not using the straps will decrease the life usage of the ramp, cause damages and will void the factory warranty.

Can the ramp be customised if I need a specific length, width or capacity?

The Ramp People can manufacture folding van ramps to specific needs, please contact a sales advisor for more information.

What if I need spare parts?

The Ramp People keep various spare parts in stock for a next day delivery.

Are the folding van ramps suitable for loading wheelchairs?

Yes, they are suitable however we recommend the mesh surface ramps for loading wheelchairs. 

Are these kept in stock?

We have a variety of folding van ramps held in stock for immediate dispatch, our most popular and in stock ramps can be viewed here. 

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