Drive in Ramps

What is a drive in ramp?

Drive-in ramps are portable ramp systems or semi-permanent ramps that are able to be used both inside and outside of doorways, which is useful if you need to get up and over doorways with limited pressure. One advantage of using drive-in ramps is their versatility. They can be easily moved and adjusted to fit different doorways, making them a convenient option for both indoor and outdoor use. Additionally, drive-in ramps provide a seamless transition for individuals using wheelchairs or other mobility aids, ensuring smooth and safe passage over doorways without the need for excessive effort.

Are they suitable for electric wheelchairs & mobility scooters?

All mobility aids can be accommodated by drive-in ramps that consist of a single piece exterior and interior. Only manual wheelchairs would be suitable for channel ramps that hinge to go up and over doorways.

How can I ensure the ramp does not come into contact with the threshold? 

There are legs/supports on the adjustable threshold ramp and the FEAL drive-in ramp in order to prevent the ramp from touching the threshold. In some portable drive-in systems, such as the combination kit, the folding aluminium ramp rests on top of the rubber threshold ramp, eliminating the need to place either ramp on the threshold. 

Can I leave the ramp in place?

It is possible to leave both the adjustable threshold ramp and the FEAL drive in ramp in place, with the entry plate folding back on itself to close the door when the ramp is not in use. For portable ramp systems, part of the ramp system must be removed after use to close the door. Since the portable aluminium ramps are not galvanised, these would need to be removed as they are not designed to be left outside in all weathers.

How can I purchase drive in ramps VAT exempt?

Yes, all of our wheelchair ramps can be purchased VAT exempt. VAT exemption is available if you are disabled or you are purchasing on behalf of someone who is disabled, for example a friend or family member. Charities can also purchase VAT exempt. At the checkout stage there is a VAT exemption box. We simply require the name of the person the ramp is for and disability. If this is for a charity, please provide the charity name and charity number. 

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