Dog Ramps

What angle should a dog ramp be?

We recommend our dog ramps and pet ramps are used at a maximum gradient of 1:3.3 to ensure they are not too steep. For example, for a height of 450mm we would recommend a ramp length of 1500mm. However, you will need to consider your pets abilities and whether they would need less of an incline if they have mobility issues.

Are steps or ramps better for dogs?

You should consider your dog's abilities and mobility issues when considering whether to get steps or ramps for your pet. Smaller dogs or dogs with mobility issues may struggle to climb steps or stairs especially if they are high so a ramp may be a better option. However, if you have a larger dog without mobility issues, our pet steps may be easier to store and transport and store.

Are dog ramps worth purchasing?

Here at The Ramp People, we definitely believe dog ramps are worth purchasing for your furry friend! Any pet or dog that is struggling to get up an obstacle will find it much easier if allowed to use a suitable dog ramp. If your pet has mobility issues, ramps will help to alleviate their pain when climbing up or down obstacles. Even pets without mobility issues can benefit, since regular jumping can put extra pressure on an animal's joints which could cause issues in the future.

Why are ramps needed for dogs to get onto the sofa or bed?

Some dogs struggle to get onto the sofa or bed due to their size or breed. For smaller dogs and puppies jumping from sofas and beds can often cause damage. For example, Dachshund dogs, or sausage dogs, can damage their bones and joints from jumping and therefore steps and ramps around the home are often recommended. The breed, along with other smaller dogs such as Shih Tzus, are often more prone to back injuries and spinal diseases such as Intervertebral Disk Disease (IVDD). Our adjustable dog ramps are designed to assist dogs to get onto sofas, beds or over steps. They can easily be adjusted to 6 different heights. 

Are the dog ramps suitable for large dogs?

We offer a range of dog ramps, including ramps for medium dogs and large dogs. For example our telescopic dog ramp offers a 90kg capacity whilst our multi-fold dog ramp offers a 275kg capacity, making it more than suitable for any pooch! 

Where can I buy a dog ramp?

We sell multiple pet ramps and steps in our dog ramp range on our website here. Please get in touch with our customer service team if you need assistance selecting something.

How do I secure the dog ramp safely?

At The Ramp People we specialise in portable, temporary ramps. So, like all of our other ramps, our pet and dog ramps simply rest in place when in use for easy and quick set-up. The curved rest on connection, the angle and the weight of the ramp and the pet keeps the ramp firmly in place when in use.

Do the ramps have safety edges?

The majority of our dog ramps do have safety edges to help guide your dog and prevent them stepping off the ramp, however, we always suggest always supervising when your pet is using the products.

How portable are the dog ramps?

The Ramp People offer a range of dog ramps which are portable and lightweight. Our folding dog ramp folds to half its length whilst the telescopic dog ramp slides down to a reduced length for storage. Our wooden adjustable dog ramps fold and clip shut for storage and are provided with a carry handle.