Container Ramps

How long should the ramp be?

For plant ramps Health & Safety we recommend that no gradient greater than 30% (16.5 degrees) should be used. Furthermore, no TUV Certified Ramp is designed to exceed this gradient. To calculate your gradient simply measure the height from ground level to the loading deck & multiply this by 3.3 to give the optimum length of ramp.

container loading ramp gradient

Should I allow extra capacity in the ramps for safety?

No. Our Container Ramps are manufacturer and engineered to European TUV standards, which require us to build in a 200% safety. When calculating which capacity you require you must factor in the weight of the machine, the load if any, the operator, fuel/oil and attachments. Please note if you exceed the stated capacity the warranty is invalidated.

How durable are Aluminium Ramps compared to steel?

If the ramps are used sensibly, there is no reason why aluminium ramps should not last as long as steel, and much longer than steel ramps with wooden inserts.

Do the ramps have a minimum load height?

Yes, please check specs of each ramp.

What is the benefit of the Rubber Container Ramp? 

The Rubber Container Ramp has a capacity of 10,000kg and is provided in modular pieces to allow this to easily put in place and removed by one person. 

Why do these need to be used at a specific load height?

The foot of the ramp is cut for the specific load height, when used at the incorrect load height the weight will not be able to take the required weight and the warranty will be void. 

What is the benefit of a Wedge Ramp?

These can be customised to match your required height. They are perfect for loading pallet trucks to heights up to 120mm and can hold capacities up to 2920kg.

Can the aluminium container ramps be customised?

Yes, our aluminium ramps can be customised in terms of width, length, connection and capacity to meet your requirements. 

Can you use all kind of pallet trucks or forklifts on the container ramps?

No. Most pallet trucks and forklifts are not built to be used on slopes or at an incline. Therefore you can use only the smoothest gradient. Please check the manual of the manufacturer for the gradient information.

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