Car Ramps

You’ll find a wide range of car ramps at The Ramp People Ireland. Whether you’re having problems parking your low-profile car on a steeper sloped driveway or your drive doesn’t have a dropped kerb, we have the right rubber or metal car ramps for sale. As well as a high-quality finish, all our car ramps are at affordable prices. If you’re looking for car ramps in Ireland, we even offer free delivery. read more

Car ramps for low profile cars

Our range of aluminium car ramps are ideal for sports and classic cars with a low profile. These types of vehicles often have problems parking up steeper inclines or mounting small steps or kerbs. These metal car ramps come a wide range of height options starting from just 225mm, perfect for parking in driveways or garages that may be obstructive to cars with a low profile.

We also stock car ramps suitable for load heights up to 600mm as well as the option for completely custom load heights to suit your requirements. These low-profile car ramps are often ideal for car shows and events where you may need to load cars into containers and onto stages or platforms. With a thickness of just 55mm these car ramps are lightweight and easy to move and store, making them the perfect choice when transporting your low-profile car. While all our car ramps for sale come with four connection options for complete versatility, the default rest on connection is easy to set up and use.

Car ramps for other vehicles

Driveways without a dropped kerb can start to damage tyres after a time. To stop this from we happening we stock a selection of rubber car ramps to help cars mount steps and kerbs without damaging the wheels. These kerb ramps are a much safer way of driving up small steps and are both affordable and easy to set up and use.

Alternatively, you may have more industrial vehicles that require loading. Our range of heavy duty vehicle ramps are suitable for a variety of industrial vehicles and machines, from tractors and construction site equipment to vehicles with steel tracks.

Car ramps Ireland

If you’re looking for car ramps for sale in Ireland, we offer free delivery throughout the country. With a delivery time of just 3 – 5 days, our car ramps are both an affordable and convenient choice.

Metal Car Ramps for Lower Profile Cars

TRP40 Series Car Ramps

Rubber Kerb Ramps for Cars

Kerb Ramps

Vehicle ramps for cars and heavy duty machinery

Vehicle Ramps

Usage guidelines and safety information for our full vehicle ramp range can be found here.