Cable Cover and Cable Protector Guide

Here at The Ramp People whether you are looking for a heavy duty cable guard, durable cable cover or lightweight cable floor protector, we are guaranteed to have the right products to suit your needs.

What to know before buy?

Key points to consider when deciding what Cable Protector / Cable Cover to purchase:

  • Will this be for pedestrian traffic or vehicle traffic?
  • Will the cable covers be left outside?
  • What distance do you need the cables to cover? Bulk discounts are available on all of our cable protectors
  • Do you need the cables to be highly visible, for example including a yellow stripe?
  • What size cables do you plan to cover, ideally identify the diameter of the cable
  • How many cables do you wish to cover, we have cable protectors which hold up to 5 cables?
  • If applicable, what speed will vehicles be passing over the cable protector?
  • Do you require cable protectors which are suitable for items to pass over with low ground clearance, such as wheelchairs or forklifts?

Other main features:

cable protector features

Indoor Cable Protectors

We have a range of indoor cable protectors which are provided solely in black or with a yellow safety stripe. These are a popular solution for covering cables within offices or at home. They are provided in lengths between 1m – 9m. As they are made from PVC you can easily cut these down to your required length with a Stanley knife or saw.

The Ramp People's 3 step guide to find the most suitable cable protectors:

1. How many cables do you want to cover? Choose the right amount of cable channels, however you can put more than one cable in a channel if required but ensure there is enough space

2. How big are your cables? - Find the correct channel size

3. Which colour do you want? - For safety in office spaces we always recommend our range of black with yellow safety stripes for higher visibility, others like the plain black as it tends to blend in more.

Indoor Cable Protectors
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Our indoor cable protectors, or cable tidies, are available in 1 channel, 2 channels and 3 channels. The main channel size varies from 30mm x 10mm to 10mm x 10mm.

The cables feature a snap open design to easily allow you to insert the cable. The cable protectors are suitable for foot traffic and lightweight trolleys. They are not suitable for vehicle traffic, if you have vehicles passing over you will need to view our heavy-duty solutions.

As the cable protectors are produced from PVC, they are suitable for internal and external use.

Cable Covers

The Ramp People’s range of Cable Covers are provided in black or yellow. They range in heights between 20mm – 38mm. The Cable Covers are suitable for a variety of cable sizes up to 80mm x 25mm. There are one channel and two channel solutions available.

The cable covers are interlocking to allow you to easily create your required length. They are provided with an anti-slip surface and are suitable for pedestrian traffic. They are an ideal solution for offices, warehouses and home use.

The Cable Covers are produced from a range of materials such as Polyethylene, Polyurethane and Rubber and have capacities up to 5,000kg. The cable covers can be used outside or inside.

20mm Yellow High Cable Cover20mm High PU Cable Cover30mm High PU Cable CoverRubber Cable Cover
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Polyethylene cable covers for safety

Our range goes beyond just keeping your electrical cables tidy. We stock brightly coloured, multi-joint plastic cable covers with a wide diameter of up to 12.7mm for the protection of your cables, without causing a trip hazard or obstruction to foot traffic. All our cable covers come with sloping edges so they blend into the floor with minimal disruption. Use plastic cable covers to secure your cables and leads.

Polyurethane cable covers for higher capacity

For the perfect cover polyurethane cable cover, our range come with high resistance non-slip surfaces and an interlocking connector system so you can increase the length as needed. Simple to take apart and connect together, these plastic cable covers can be transported around any industrial or environmental site and set up with ease. Made out of durable polyurethane with a high capacity up to 5000kg.

Rubber cable covers for flexibility

Rubber Cable Cover range will offer a quick and easy solution of cable management. It can protect small cables and cords in home, office, or warehouse and it can take up to 1500kg capacity

Heavy Duty Cable Protectors

Our standard cable speed bumps range are designed to work as cable covers and speed regulators with added durability for vehicles crossing at 5mph. Made from recycled materials, these cable protectors come with corner sections, contrasting colours and connectors to increase the length as needed and provide visibility to foot and car traffic. Perfect for use in all industries from private places, live events to construction sites.

Lightweight Cable Protector with Yellow Safety Stripes

Our Lightweight Cable Protector with Yellow Safety Stripes is provided in a 6m length. Due to the construction, this cannot be cut down to size.

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The cable protector is suitable for cables of 20mm x 20mm, simply snap open and insert the cable. The cable protector includes yellow safety stripes for high visibility and is suitable for internal and external use.

The cable protector has a 2,000kg capacity and is therefore suitable for light traffic to pass over at a maximum speed of 5mph.

Hinged Lid Heavy Duty Cable Protectors

Our Hinged Lid Heavy Duty Cable Protectors are supplied on individual sections that can be interlocked to allow you to create any required length. The bone-connector design allows you to connect the cable protectors easily.

The open lid design allows you to easily insert your the cables into the channels provided. The lid is yellow for high visibility and includes an anti-slip surface. The cable protector is produced from rubber and is therefore suitable for internal or external use.

2 channels- Small

channel size: 30mm x 25mm

Capacity: 2500kg per axle

2 channels - Large

Channel size: 90mm x 85mm

Capacity: 10000kg

3 channels -Large

channel size: 64mm x 54mm

Capacity: 12000kg

5 channels - Large

channel size: 31mm x 44mm

Capacity: 12000kg

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Please note:

The small 2 channels cable protector has a capacity of 2500kg per axle and is therefore suitable for pedestrian traffic and light vehicle traffic travelling at up to 5mph, acting as a speed bump when required.

The cable protector range vary in heights from 50mm – 105mm. Please take into consideration the clearance of the vehicles passing over the cable protectors prior to purchase.

These are heavy duty and are generally used externally however you can of course use them internally if you wish. They are designed as temporary solutions, the 2 channels option do not include fixing holes, however the 3 and 5 channels do fixing holes, fixings not supplied.

Low Profile Cable Protector

The Ramp People understand the importance of offering low profile cable protector solutions to ensure wheelchairs, and items with low ground clearance such as forklifts and pallet trucks, can safely pass over the cable protectors.

If you or someone you love is wheelchair-bound, you know how important it is to be able to access everyday places like stores, banks, the doctor's office, supermarket, and even fun places like restaurants and museums. No matter what kind of facility you have, The Ramp People has the tools to get you there. For these range, please see below:

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Channel Bridge Hose Protectors

For cables up to 100mm x 100mm, our Hose Protectors offer the perfect heavy-duty solution, with a capacity up to 20,000kg.

The Hose Protectors are provided with dog bone connectors to easily connect these together.

The Hose Protectors include reflective yellow stripes for high visibility. They are designed for industrial use and include pre-drilled holes to allow you to use these on a temporary, or permanent basis. They are mainly used externally however they are also of course suitable for internal use.


Dimensions: 850mm x 300mm x 85mm high

channel size: 75mm x 75mm


Dimensions: 855mm x 300mm x 125mm high

channel size: 100mm x 100mm

Hose bridge HR-3 Hose bridge HR-4
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Please note, the hose protectors range in heights from 85mm – 125mm. Please take into consideration the clearance of the vehicles passing over the cable protectors prior to purchase. The Hose Protectors are not suitable for items with low ground clearance.

Checkers Diamondback Hose Bridge System

Checkers Diamondback Hose Bridge Systems provide protection for valuable cable and hose lines while ensuring a safer method of passage for vehicles and pedestrians. The standard system we offer can protect hoses up to 4.5inches / 11.40cm in diameter, however we can produce to order systems for hoses up to 6.5” inches (16.5cm) outside diameter.

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Made out of high-density, all weather polyurethane construction protects from damage by physical pressure and reduces cable and hose maintenance and replacement costs.

The lightweight modular design of interlocking 16inch wide sections provides multi-length flexibility. Checkers Diamondback Hose Bridge Systems are intended for temporary installations only. Polyurethane construction is abrasion, impact and weather resistant with high load-bearing capacity up to 10,750kg.

The surface features Diamond-plate tread for higher traction. Checkers Diamondback Hose Bridge Systems is manufactured in high-visibility yellow and can be customized to any number of tunnels or length. You can order with us bundles or the single components to build your area.

Built-in hand holes allow for handling with ease and double as attachment points for mounting brackets, no tools required for installation and can be set up by one person only.

Checkers® Cable Protector

We are the UK’s biggest stockist of heavy duty cable protectors from Checkers. The preferred choice for commercial, industrial and utility applications, they are ideal for use in entertainment venues, at sporting events and in most public situations. Checkers offer a range of famous, high quality, USA produced cable protectors which The Ramp People are able to supply to you at competitive prices.

High resistance, durable to give your exposed wires and leads long lasting cover from the elements and frequent foot or vehicle traffic. The cable covers and protectors are made with a interlocking design with male to female end caps, creating a length suitable to you and your requirements.

We can supply any item within the Checkers products range, we do hold stock of the following items: Guard Dog Cable Protectors, Checkers Line Backer Cable Protectors, Checkers Firefly Cable Protectors and Checkers Fastlane Cable Covers .

GuardDogLinebacker Firefly Fastlane
Checkers GuardDog Checkers Linebacker Checkers Firefly Checkers Fastlane
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The GuardDog range: includes 3 channel and 5 channel heavy duty cable solutions. They are provided in black and red with an anti-slip surface and hinge lid and are interlocking, with corner sections available to allow cables to take a left or right turn with a capacity of 9526kg per axle.

The LineBacker range: includes 3 channel and 5 channel heavy duty cable protector solutions. They are provided in yellow and orange and include an anti-slip surface and yellow hinge lid and are also are interlocking, with corner sections, end caps and protector bridges available to allow your cables to take a left or right turn. The LineBacker is a heavier duty than the Checkers Guard Dog, it is provided with a capacity of 18,280kg per axle.

The Firefly Cable Protectors range are perfect for high traffic areas as they include built in LED lights. They are designed to reduce accidents and are suitable for internal or external use. Traffic can pass over these at 10mph. Capacity per axle of 9526kg.

The Fastlane cable cover are the only lightweight drop-over Protectors from checkers, they are made from durable polyurethane and feature heavy duty, patented L-Connectors for easily attaching additional protectors to extend to any desired length. Patented 5-bar tread plate surface provides maximum traction for carts and pedestrian traffic. These low profile protectors for multiple cable sizes and are compact for easy setup, disassembly and storage.

Adam Hall Defender Cable Protectors

Adam Hall Defender offer an array of cable protectors in black and yellow, or solely black, for internal and external use. The range is produced in Germany and mainly focuses on providing cable protector solutions for the events industry.

The range includes lightweight and heavy-duty solution with a wide range of channel sizes, up to 120mm x 113mm. The range includes options for pedestrian traffic, vehicle traffic, and for items with low ground clearance such as pallet trucks.

With a commitment to constant innovation and the latest technology, the Adam Hall products have gained an excellent reputation for performance and value for money. Discover the world of Defender today.

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if you require any further information about any of our product range or require a customised solution, don't hesitate, please contact us.