Wheelchair Ramp Accessories

What are portable platforms for wheelchair ramps?

Our portable platforms can be used in conjunction with most of our ramps to create an 'L' shape ramp layout. They are ideal in situations where someone, for example requires a 10ft ramp but does not have the space for a 10ft ramp, for example due to a road or wall. Instead, the platform allows you to have, for example a 5ft ramp go from the door to the platform. The user can then use the platform as a turning space. The wheelchair user would then have a further ramp to go from the platform to ground level. Our portable platforms can be seen here.

What are wheelchair joining supports used for?

Joining supports are used to connect 2 wheelchair ramps together to create one long ramp. Many find them beneficial as it reduces the weight of the ramp, for example instead of having one 8ft ramp they purchase 2 x 4ft ramps and a joining support. The joining support can be adjusted to your required height. 

Which ramps can have handrails?

The wheelchair ramps with handrails can be purchased with or without handrails. Our modular wheelchair ramp systems are normally provided with handrails. 

Which ramp can be used to load my scooter/electric wheelchair into the car? 

We have specific ramps designed for loading empty scooters and electric wheelchairs into the car. They are lightweight and folding for ease of storage. They are suitable to be used in vehicles with heights up to 660mm. The ramps are channel ramps however they only have an edge on one side and therefore clearence is not a problem Our scooter and electric wheelchair loading ramps can be found here. 

Why are specific cable protectors required for wheelchair users?

Our cable protectors for wheelchair ramp access are built to a suitable gradient for wheelchair users, they can be viewed here. Many wheelchairs, especially electric wheelchairs have low ground clearence and therefore struggle to overcome some cable covers. Many therefore opt to purchase our wheelchair friendly cable protectors for areas where pedestrians and wheelchair users as likely to need to pass these. 

Can wheelchair ramps include steps? 

Our modular wheelchair ramps can be provided with step kits to allow users to choose to either walk up the steps or walk up the ramp. The step kits are produced from galvanized steel and have rubber coated guides, they can be provided with or without handrails. 

What if I require a longer wheelchair ramp at a later date, do I need to buy a full new ramp?

The RollAble ramps can be built to any length so, if you opt to purchase a roll up wheelchair ramp you can buy additional lengths at a later date to simply clip onto the exsisting ramp to create your new desired length. In the same way you can also remove part of the ramp to reduce the length of the ramp.