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Car Ramps FAQs

Are prices/capacities listed for a single ramp?

All prices/capacities listed on our site are for a pair of ramps unless otherwise specified.

How do you calculate the length of car ramp needed?

The height which you are going up dictates the length of car ramp required. For vehicle ramps, EU guidelines states no ramps should exceed a gradient of 1:3.3. When loading cars a smoother gradient is often required. You need to consider the clearance on your vehicle, for example a sports car requires longer ramps than a 4x4.

How steep should my ramps be?

It entirely depends on the vehicles being loaded, a sports car will require a much gentler gradient than a 4x4, if you are unsure please contact us and we will be able to assist. 

How do I know the capacity I require on a ramp?

When selecting a ramp capacity check the weight of the vehicle, add around 150kg-200kg to allow an extra weight for fuel, operator and any other load added to the vehicle weight. That will be the capacity you will need the ramp to take.

Should I allow extra capacity in the ramps for safety?

No. Our ramps are manufactured and engineered in the EU to European TUV standards, which require us to build in a 200% safety breaking point margin, although the ramps are tested and built on a 200% safety, please note if the ramp is overload this will void warranty.

How do I secure the ramps safely?

There are 4 types of connection for our loading ramps suitable for different vehicles & applications. Rest on connection with a drilled hole for the safety pin tends to be the standard as they work in most situations. For our car ramps we would recommend either the rest on connection with a drilled hole for the safety pin or the hook connection. The rest on connection is the standard as they work in most situations. Our connection options can be viewed here. 

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Do I need to consider the ground clearance of my vehicle?

Most of our loading ramps are built for maximum 30% gradient. Vehicles that are low or long might ground out with this gradient, we recommend a lower gradient, which varies from vehicle to vehicle. Please contact us before ordering so we can offer the best help from our expert team.

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