Anti-Fatigue Mats By NoTrax: The Benefits & Choosing The Right Mat For Your Workplace

Many companies are working hard to ensure they continually improve working conditions for their employees. One popular method is anti-fatigue mats. At The Ramp People we supply anti-fatigue mats by NoTrax to ensure optimum quality is provided. All NoTrax mats are subject to rigorous testing, including compression tests, flammability and durability tests. All mats are NSFI certified and of course provided with a 1 year warranty. An extensive range of sizes are available to meet your requirements. 

What Are Anti-fatigue Mats? 

Anti-fatigue mats are designed to support employees who's work involves standing in one area for a long period of time. Studies have shown that standing in one area can cause unnecessary stress to the body. Anti-fatigue mats are designed to reduce this stress through the innovative materials they are produced from. In turn the mats are seen to increase productivity within the workplace and improve safety, for example due to the slip resistance surface and fire resistant material. Moreover, the mats have been shown to reduce work-related illnesses, meaning your employees are less likely to take time off work which in turn maintains productivity within the workplace. 

How Do Anti-fatigue Mats Work?

As we are all aware, standing in one area for a long period of time is not good for the human body, it is much better to move around and use our muscles and heart. Standing for long periods can result in aches, pains, stiffness, rheumatic disease and more. Anti-fatigue mats work by using a cushioned surface to get the feet, legs and body moving. The users feet are forced to constantly adapt to the soft surface of the mat, which encourages muscle movement like those which occur when we walk. In turn, this gets the venous pump working, helping to pump blood back to the heart. This reduces stress and fatigue, including reducing the risk of hip and back problems. The shock absorption anti-fatigue mats reduce compression of the spinal-cord and improves posture, as well as blood circulation.  

How Do Anti-Fatigue Mats Benefit The Workplace?

Reduce Material Damages: The majority of anti-fatigue mats are more cushioned due to their anti-fatigue properties. As a result, when items are dropped on the mat they are less likely to break. In addition, they help to minimise the damage which occurs due to broken items. For example, the mats can absorb the impact of glass dropping on the mat, in turn reducing the damage caused by shattering. 

Reduce Sound: The anti-fatigue mats absorb sounds and vibrations which can be beneficial in workplaces with heavy or loud machinery, making it a more comfortable environment to work in. 

Easy to Clean: Anti-fatigue mats are designed to be easy to clean and maintain. For example, you can power wash some of the anti-fatigue mats. This is especially the case in areas which deal with chemicals and liquids.

What To Consider Prior to Buying A Mat?

There is an extensive range of anti-fatigue mats on the market, it is important you purchase the right mat for your environment. If you are unsure which mat would work for you, please contact our team. 

Firstly you should consider the type of environment the mat will be in, for example will the area be wet or dry?

What problems do you wish to overcome, for example fatigue relief?

Are there chemicals used in the area?

Do you require drainage?

Are there oils in the workplace?

Do you wish to reduce the risk of electric shocks?

Are there any other special requirements, for example if welding will occur in the area? 

Which Mat Should My Company Buy?

To allow you to easily identify a suitable mat, NoTrax provide a variety of icons with each mat to make identification of a suitable mat easy to do. A selection of some of the features can be viewed below: 

Anti-Slip: Textured and patterned matting to improve traction and reduce slips or falls

Anti-Static: Absorbs static electricity

Cold Resistant: Designed to withstand freezing temperatures.

Drainage: Provided with built in drainage, perfect for areas with liquid and debris – materials pass through for safer footing

Fire Resistant: Withstand heat and resist the spread of fire, the mats are tested to European EN 13501-1 

Floor Protection: Absorbs impact and reduces packages to protect the floor as well as employees

Food Service: Suitable in kitchens, bars and other food areas

Insulation: Perfect for cold floors as well as for protection from noise and vibrations

Non-Conductive: Helps to keep workers from being ‘grounded’ by providing insulation against electric shock, the mats are tested in conformance with ANSI / ASTM D-178 specifications. Class 2: Dielectic Strength: 30,000 Volts. 

Oil Resistant: Designed to improve safety in areas with oils, greases and animal fats

Should I Buy A Light Duty, Medium Duty or Heavy Duty Mat? 

The Ramp People stock a range of mats suitable for a variety of intensities. Light duty anti-fatigue mats are designed to be used a few hours a day. Medium duty mats are designed to be used for 4-6 hours a day whilst heavy duty mats are aimed at those planning to undertake 2-3 work shifts a day. 

What Size Are The Mats?

Anti-fatigue mats are provided either by linear meter or in a modular format, depending on the area size you wish to cover. If the mats are to be used on walkways or assembly-lines, the linear solution is most likely to be the best option for you. For individual workstations, you can opt for linear meter or a roll format. If you have a customised layout in your work area, we would suggest a modular system to allow you to rearrange your mats to fit the floor space as required. 

Are Mats Legally Required?

Anti-fatigue mats are not legally required however employers do have a legal duty to ensure that their employees are safe in the workplace. Anti-fatigue mats can help increase workers safety and show you are taking actions to ensure your employees wellbeing within the workplace. Anti-fatigue mats have also been shown to reduce accidents, injury and illness within the workplace which are of course costly. Time off work from injury can be costly for a company, anti-fatigue mats can help reduce the risks of workplace related injuries, in turn reducing costs in the long term relating to fatigue-related illnesses. 

What Mats Do The Ramp People Provide? 

Anti-Fatigue Mats For Dry Areas

Soft-Tred Anti-Fatigue Mats: Purchase in a variety of colours including black, grey, blue or black/yellow. The mat is sold in a variety of widths, lengths or by linear meter. Custom sizes are available. The Soft-Tred Anti-Fatigue mats are designed to help employees who stand in the same position for long periods of time. The edges are bevelled and sealed to minimise trip hazards. Suitable for light & medium duty. 

HD-Skywalker: The Skywalker is an interlocking modular anti-fatigue mat which is 91cm wide. The mat includes an ergonomic bubble pattern for maximum anti-fatigue comfort. The heavy duty rubber compound provides industrial strength. The tiles simply snap together for easy assembly. Beveled edges are available to prevent trip hazards. Insulated and prevents electric shocks. 

HD-Skywalker ESD: The Skywalker ESD is a heavy duty mat, suitable for areas with ESD. The mat is insulated and absorbs impacts. Each mat is 91cm x 91cm and can be purchased with beveled edges to reduce trip hazards. 

Airug Anti-Fatigue Mat: A light and medium duty option, designed for areas where employees will be standing in one area for long periods of time. Ribbed pattern enhances traction. Beveled edges to reduce trip hazards. Available in black, grey or black/yellow. Custom lengths provided. Absorbs impacts and protects floors. 

Cushion Trax Anti-Fatigue Mat: Heavy duty anti-fatigue mat available in custom lengths and sizes. Anti-slip and suitable for wheeled access. Fire resistant. 

Cushion Ease Solid Anti-Fatigue Mat: Heavy duty mat produced from rubber tiles, 91cm x 91cm. Suitable for wheeled access. Absorbs impacts and protects floors, insulated and suitable to be used in welding areas. 

Diamond Flex Lok Solid Mat for Dry Areas: The kit is produced from interlocking tiles and bevelled ramp sections on the edges, a variety of sizes are available. The mats are slip resistsant, fire resistant and suitable for wheeled access. They are insulated and oil resistant. 

Anti-Fatigue Mats For Wet Areas

Safety Stance Nitrile Mats: These heavy duty mats are designed for areas where individuals are standing in the same area for long periods. They are suitable for areas where oil and chemicals may be spilled. Drainage holes are provided with raised studs, allowing fluids and debris to flow through the mats, leaving a dry area on the top of the mat. Produced from nitrle rubber. The kit includes orange borders. 

Diamond Flex Lok Solid Mat Kit: Heavy duty mat kit, produced from interlocking tiles. Yellow bevels prevent trip hazards. Suitable for areas where oil spills will occur, absorbs impacts and suitable for wheeled items to pass over. 

Our full range of Anti-Fatigue Mats can be viewed online. If you have any questions please ask our team, simply call 01372 478960 or email