Quad bike going up a pair of ramps

Quad Bike Ramps

Quad Bikes are perfect for quickly driving across the farm, driving off road, racing and driving on dirt tracks. At The Ramp People we offer a range of folding and non-folding Quad Bike Ramps to easily allow you to load your quad bike into your van or trailer for transportation, or to overcome steps. 

quad bike riding up bike ramps

How do the quad bike ramps stay in place? 

Our portable folding ATV ramps are designed to simply rest onto the vehicle during loading. They are provided with red safety straps to allow you to secure the ramps to the vehicle, van or trailer during loading. The foot of the ramps are also cut at an angle for the advertised load height to ensure they rest securely on the ground during loading. The angled foot also allows the quad bike/ATV to easily gain access onto the ramp.

quad bike riding up a pair of bike ramps

Which length ramps do I need? 

To identify which ramp length you need we recommend measuring the vertical height from the ground to where the ramp will rest, this is the ‘load height’. All of our ramps state a maximum load height. It is important not to exceed this. For example, our 2.2m ramps are designed for a maximum load height of 666mm. The load height is based on EU guidelines for loading machinery. The guidelines state the gradient for loading should be not greater than 30%. Please note, if the item you are loading has low ground clearance you may require longer ramps, if you are unsure please contact our team. 

quad bike riding up bike ramps

What capacity can the ATV ramps take? 

Our folding ATV ramps offer capacities of 600kg – 1360kg across the pair. We offer a variety of folding quad bike ramps with various lengths, widths and capacities available to meet your requirements. We also offer curved non-folding loading ramps which offer a 1000kg capacity across the pair.  

Our range of quad bike ramps are available on our website. We have an extensive range in stock which are dispatched on a free next working day service across mainland UK.