Pallet Truck Ramps

Pallet Truck Ramps

The Ramp People's Pallet Truck Ramps are an ideal way to load pallet trucks/ pump trucks in and out of containers. The low ground clearance on pallet truck's often causes users problems when going up kerbs or into containers. Our pallet truck ramps are designed to easily overcome heights of 175mm / 6.8 inches.

Simply rest on and start loading.

The angled foot of the ramp ensures easy access onto the ramp. Our ramps are produced to the highest standards, produced from lightweight aluminium and robot welded in the EU. Like many of our plant ramps, they are TUV certified.

We have 3 lengths available, our shortest length, 1800mm provides you with a 1:10 gradient, ensuring loading occurs safely. We of course recommend checking your pallet truck's user manual to identify the best gradient for your requirements.

Design your own ramp to meet your business needs!

Like of Vehicle and Plant Ramps, our pallet truck ramps are customisable. If you have any specific requirements, please contact our team for a bespoke quote at